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Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011.09.15 June 2011

2011.06.03 New Camera!!

Hubby surprised me with an early birthday present, it's the new Canon Powershot 500 HS in Rose Pink. He knew that I've been wanting to upgrade my point & shot with a new camera that can record HD video :)

Then, hubby asked if I want to take our son to go to a park, I said yes. While waiting for my new camera to get a quick charge, we shave Ethan's for fun tho! His hair was (and still is) so thin and start looking weird, so we decided to shave his hair really short. But before I had a chance to told hubby not to shave TOO short, he already shaved it all o_O"

Hi Point Park (from now on, all the new picture was taken using my new camera...yay!)

They also have this really cute outdoor theater

and later that night, It was Balinese night...I cooked authentic Balinese dishes for my girl friends :)

2011.06.04 My Birthday

In the morning, we went to Steward Park to meet our friends Doug & Chasidy :)

And off course an icy treat always good for a hot Summer day
after that, I grab some delicious tacos from this taco truck near my house...they are sooo good!! I especially love the spicy pork tacos

then, for the 1st time in  a loooooong time, I'm having small birthday dinner with hubby, bebe and 2 of my Indonesian girls at one of our favorite sushi other friends keep asking me to throw big party, but I was in the mood for a simple dinner this year :)

1001 Fairview Ave N
SeattleWA 98109
(206) 625-9604

their foods are always so fresh and delicious!!

can't miss any opportunity to play... :)

this year is the first year I celebrate my birthday with bebe :)) I thank God for His never ending blessing upon our life.

2011.06.09 Happy Birthday Ethan!! Off to Houston we go!!

Today bebe turn 1 year old, and we are going to Houston on the very same day for a friend wedding :) It was a great sunny day, a perfect day for a birthday, also for the flight. 

Our view while enjoying our fish & chips breakfast

little boy won't stay still during the flight, he was too excited!

touch down at George W Bush Airport, Houston. 

Our room at Omni Hotel was beautiful, I love it!

when bebe woke up he was starving, and he was hugging his bottle really tight while drinking from it...haha

then we had dinner with Hubby's aunty (not his real aunty, but hubby's dad's ex gf...hehe)

they even got a birthday cake for bebe...Happy birthday dear Ethan!! :))

back at the hotel, bebe was happy and dancing around

2010.09.10 Houston Day 2: Wedding rehearsal

good morning Bebe!! He got this doll as one of the birthday present from last night, and the doll's color matches Bebe's outfit!! how cute!!

We had breakfast at the hotel. 
Ps. I was wearing Revlon's Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya...I love it!!

walking around the hotel after breakfast

Hubby was the one of the groom's men, so he had to rehearsal with the other family member. The groom was like a father to hubby :)
btw, the Pastor looks like 50

before our laaate lunch / earrrrrly dinner, we went for a nap. 

Thelma BBQ, supposed to be one of the famous one there, I don't really like the ribs, they are dry...but the pork BBQ was delicious. I also love the huge lemonade...perfect for the crazy hot weather.

these are some of the thing I see a lot in Houston but never saw one in Seattle...

1. Chocking poster on almost every restaurant we went

2. Seriously? you can ride a bike without helmet...?!?!?!

3. Cool looking street sign

after we went back to the hotel, my boys went to swim...I'm jealous...!! haha...why I always got my period during my vacation T___T

2011.06.11 Doug & Chasidy's Wedding

Beautiful union of two beautiful people, beautiful was perfect!

with the Groom's beautiful granddaughters, Adrienne & Ellise

our little family :)

wanna peek what's in my purse...?
iphone, blotting paper, compact, milk bottle and croissant for
beautiful, simple & fast wedding

bebe was too tired...good thing we stay at the same hotel, so we took bebe upstair, then hubby can go back to the party while I put bebe to sleep...good night Houston!

2011.06.12 From Houston to Seattle

I'm excited to go back home today!!

2011.09.17 Ethan's 12 months Check Up 

Do you remember that my baby is so addicted to his binky (pacifier) ? I'm proudly say that he is binky free after June 17 :))
he still having his binky on the morning pictures

he was 23.6 lbs
and 30 inches tall

The doctor said that it is THE time to separate bebe from his later that night, we just stop giving him binky and he was totally fine, he was try to looking for it for a while, but then forget about that. And he's free ever since! :)

shot time!!

and later on that day, Bebe and I went out with my bff, Vanessa. She will going back to Bali for good...I'm sad >,<

2011.06.18 Birthday Preparation

I prepared some Indonesian Satay for Ethan's birthday BBQ 

my friend, Tess send me my late birthday present, it's a hand-made quilt!! so pretty!!

2011.06.19 Ethan's 1st Birthday Celebration

That day also happened to be father's day and our Church's 7th anniversary

The Carkeek Park that we are having BBQ at also had this antique car meeting sort of stuff

fun BBQ with friends

I love this picture of Chasidy, Ethan & cute!!

Happy Birthday again, Ethan!!

thank you everyone for my awesome birthday!!

some of the birthday present :)

2011.06.21 Empek Empek

all Indonesian must know this delicious fish cake in hot & sour broth...soooo delicious! I was craving for it so I made them...yumm!!

2011.06.22 Vanessa's farewell at Little Lamb Hot Pot

I was really sad that Vanessa had to go :( (and still can smile for the

2011.06.23 A Regular Day

Bebe walks a lot now, he also love his books, and occasionally checking on the big sale on baby's

2011.06.25 Is It Christmas yet?

Not Yet!! but bebe got an eeeeeeeeeaaaarrrrly Christmas present from mommy!! XD

Ethan went to a friend's birthday party, and boy...this little baby love to hug

my happy baby :D

Our Hot Pot dinner at home :)

Ethan loves himself...

2011.06.28 Funny Boy!!!

this is so, Hubby was out of town and we were using viber on my Ipad, and Bebe was crying when he heard daddy's voice. Maybe he thinks that daddy was trapped inside the ipad...????

and this one, he just pretend that he got hit by the

ahhh....that's a really long post!! XD

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