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Friday, September 16, 2011

2011.09.16 July 2011

2011.07.01 Bebe loves his foods

do you like his bumble bee shoes ;)

2011.07.02 Bridesmaid Make Up & Crossroads Park, Bellevue

I did bridesmaid make up for a client in the morning, she was late so I was in huuuuuryy because she booked another appointment with the hair salon afterward. She loves the result but I think I could do better if I had more time :)

since we only have a short summer in Seattle, we better enjoy the outdoor & the warm weather as much as possible :D Crossroads park in Bellevue, WA is a very nice park with a lot of water sprinkles, it's perfect to take bebe for a fun Summer day :D We slathered bebe with sunblock, all over his head too...then he's ready to play! I was so proud of him, bebe wasn't scared to play and he didn't pushed other kids on the park :))
after too much fun, bebe had a gooooood sleep :)

2011.07.03 Jogging at Alki

after church, we went to Alki Beach near our house to jog
my sweetheart knows how to pose for camera :)
ps. it's so funny that bebe's face is super square while hubby and I both have a very oval shape...bebe's faceshape looks like my sister!! lol

2011.07.04 Happy Independence Day!!

we started our day by going to Crossroads Park, again!...haha...bebe dressed in patriotic color, white, navy and red X3

and on the evening, we celebrate the 4th of July with our church's friends :)

2011.07.07 An Angel...??

he sure does looks like and angel while he sleeps...
but once he's awake...he like to make a huge mess...!!
oh btw, bebe got his first mini basketball today :D

2011.07.08 Daily Life

what does he likes to do on daily basis...? it's snacking and playing ipad!!

2011.07.09 Boating 

good morning, silly boy :)
today we going to go to ride the steam boat with our friends Doug & Chasidy, 
the boat docked at Mercer Island, where D & C live, so we going to pick them up :)

Dunking lesson at Doug's house

Mercer Island got a lot of really nice houses!!

the boat engines

it was a fun experience :)
bebe was tired and passed out, and was really heavy to carry a toddler uphill...Doug was trying to pushed me from the back and see if it would help me walk
we visit the Mercer Island Fair, and I bought a very good dipping sauce there...oh so yumm! :D

and off course we gotta play at every playground we saw...haha :D

then it's time to say good bye to our friends, next destination is Apple store!
my Ipad had been crazy, it won't ready my sim card at all...the technician try to check it up and said that they never seen problem like this and they can't fix it, so they ordered me a brand new one. They have a really good service!

it's dinner time!! we had our dinner at one of our favorite Indian restaurant, 
1319 NE 43rd St
(between N Brooklyn Ave & N University Way)
SeattleWA 98105
Neighborhood: University District
(206) 632-7708

It was bebe's first time experiencing indoan Food, and he loves it!! (bebe is 13 months)
the curry is rhick and rich, while the bashmati rice is fragrant and was perfect match.
Their Shish Kabob is the best!! 

2011.07.14 New Toothbrush & Ipod :D

Bebe finally some teeth (one and half...) to brush...haha
and hubby got me a new ipod. Mine was stolen at 24 hours gym, West Seattle. So I was putting my ipod back to my locker and took out my gloves for some weight lifting, and when I came back to the locker 10 minutes later, my locker was unlock, and My ipod was gone. Then I reported it to the staff, then the staff went back to the locker room with me and we found pieces of the lock...and the worst thing, we saw lines on the lock next to my locker, it seemed that the thief was trying to break the other lock too. I was so mad...especially because they said this is not the 1st thing it happened there and the management just won't do anything. I was so upset with the way they manage the gym.

anyway...thank you sweet hubby for my new ipod touch :)

2011.07.15 Bebe

Most of the time, he looks really serious while drinking his milk
Now he can climbed up the regular bed without any help
like to make a mess...and will cry on the floor when I scold him...I cannot wait for our shelf to come!!

2011.07.16 Bite of Seattle

it's time of the year again, the annual Bite of Seattle event!!
btw, this summer I dyed my hair super light...hehe

this year I finally got to taste the alligator meat...IMO it was just like a very dry and tough chicken
and it's time to picked my new ipad at the Apple store...yay...bebe loves to play at Apple store too!!
Red Mango at University Village
at home, bebe was enjoying his brocolli :D

2011.07.17 Happy Sunday!

Bebe's first time wearing his bumble bee shoes :D
at church, hubby and I was holding this cute little girl, Madee, and Ethan got super jealous and
our dinner...I love cooking!

2011.07.18 How does it taste?
also, he's a pro of climbing up and down the stairs now XD

2011.07.19 Bebe is...

an Ipad pro, he can open, unlock and find his own favorite apps without mommy & daddy's help. His favorite app is the PBS Kids
always enjoy his bath time :D

2011.07.20 Shave it Off part 2

so...we decided to shave off bebe's hair one more time...
before picture
after...he looks like a little
2011.07.21 Pho Bac

Hubby is the biggest fan of Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup), but I'm not. I don't like or eat Pho unless it's from Pho Bac, china town. Despite the ehm...ghetto place, their Pho is the best in town!! They sell nothing but Pho, and they are always busy. If you are in Seattle and want a real good Pho, you definitely need to visit this place :)

                   Category: Vietnamese  [Edit]
1314 S Jackson St
SeattleWA 98144
(206) 323-4387

By the way, I just realize that 2 out of 5 pictures of Pho Bac at Yelp was taken by my yeah, Bebe's 1st pho experience gotta be at Pho Bac :D
the boring noodle soup without cilantro was mine. I don't eat cilantro.

while we were in China Town, we also went to Uwajimaya to get one of my favorite ice cream
everything with Hello Kitty on it will look more
then we decide to go to this new park around our place,
it's rare to see children playground in such a monotone colors like this

2011.07.23 Musashi & Gasswork Park

If you love sushi -I'm talking about those real sushi with raw fish, not California rolls- definitely gotta go to Musashi, this tiny tiny restaurant had THE BEST chirashi in town. Love it!! Even their sushi rice is very delicious.While I was pregnant, I got so depressed because I can't eat 

1400 N 45th St
SeattleWA 98103
Neighborhood: Wallingford
(206) 633-0212

The restaurant is tiny, so usually we already wait outside before they are open. A lot of people do the same course I gotta make a quick stop at Trophy cupcakes nearby
hubby only let me got 2 cupcakes... T^T 
and off course I gotta pick my favorite, Salted Caramel & Chocolate Peanut Butter.
I don't like chocolate cake, but I looooooove their chocolate cupcakes!!
also...we got some gelato at this famous local shop,

1903 N 45th St
(between N Burke Ave & N Meridian Ave)
SeattleWA 98103
Neighborhood: Wallingford
(206) 327-9459

If you love anything salted caramel flavor like me, definitely try their salted caramel gelato! I also love their pistachio flavor...also the tiramizu...the coffee...lalala...
and these are some interesting facts about gelato
ok, enough about the
I had been living in Seattle for almost 6 years, and this is my 1st time visiting this part of Gasswork Park. 
It was 7.15 pm when we arrive there and the sun was still so bright, I love this year's Summer!!

Bebe was playing with these 2 random girls, and they said "He knows the way to women's heart!" lol...Bebe is a very friendly little boy X3
Bebe mesmerized by the music 
it's time to go home, dear...

2011.07.24 Mt Rainier

good morning! this is our breakfast for today: home made vanilla crepes with fresh seasonal fruits + delicious and fulfilling
Today is our Church's outing event to the top of Mt.Rainier

 It wasn't cold at all...some people even wear a super Summer

it was the perfect weather and the scenery was really beautiful, the hiking was really fun...even Ethan walk a lot there :)
after the hike, it's time for we were all heading to the picnic site

Ethan & Jana (the Pastor's youngest daughter) are both so affectionate, they love to hug and kiss :D
amazing view during the dinner

and guess what, we saw a fox walking by! and I know I had to run and capture the beautiful picture, I I got the picture!! :D
it was a great day spent well with great people :)
Bebe was so tired, he passed out right after we put him on the car seat...It was 2.5 hours drive to go home, and when Bebe woke up, he was really hungry!! haha

2011.07.28 Care Group

Bebe loves fruits! fruits are good source of vitamins :)
this picture is so, our church had care group every Wednesday, and that Wednesday we were hosting the care group at our house. My friend had a son that is a month older than Ethan, and they both wanted to play with the red car...Ethan doesn't push other kids around, but this time, he just jumped and sit on the other boy's later on Ethan got pushed away from the car haha...
and I made crepes for the care group, they all loved it!
my friend, Yosuke brought plums from their own garden...and Bebe enjoy them a lot X3

2011.07.29 Delridge Wadding Pool

I remember that I used to spent a lot of money going to photo booth during my high school year, so I was so happy to find this cool photo app on Ipad...and it was free!! yay!!

...and finally we took Bebe to the wadding pool :D
In the beginning, he just stayed on the edge of the pool, but not long after that he was brave enough to going around the pool :)

2011.07.30 One Fine Summer Day...

good morning, Ethan loves to brush his teeth :D
we meet up with our friends for all-you-can-eat Korean Buffet...I love it, sooo good :D
thenn...we went to Crossroads Park (yes, again!), which located next to the BBQ place.
Here's Bebe's funny pic, he likes to walk like

daddies on duty!
this picture had a funny Bebe refuse to wear his sandals and just ran and walk around. We were wondering, how came he didn't feel hot at all? and soon after that, bebe was start crying so loud because his feet were super thing >,<

then, my friend took us to this new self service frozen yogurt place. I love self service frozen yogurt place, it's so fun! you can have as many flavors as you want, oh delish!

6900 E Green Lake Way N
Ste E

(between N 4th Ave & Ravenna Blvd)
SeattleWA 98115
Neighborhood: Green Lake
(206) 829-8270
Faith & cute...she was trying to picked him up (because she used to picked her brother -that is one month older than Ethan- around) but then she said "I can't...he's too heavy...!" XD

I like it that now Bebe pretty much can eat whatever we eat, tonight's dinner is,
*Fiori with cod and fresh vegetable for Bebe
* Spaghetti with fresh vegetable & Hamburger with Mushroom Tomato Sauce for Mommy & Daddy


  1. I've been following your blog ever since I discovered your YouTube videos a long time ago - which I loved watching, btw. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and love that there are so many pictures of your life! And Bebe is so cute! I feel as though I know you on a personal basis... because I literally watched Bebe grow from a tiny infant to become a walking toddler! Take care and God Bless! :)

  2. thank you for the sweet comment dear, God bless you too <3


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