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Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011.09.19 August 2011

2011.08.01 Hello August!!

Good morning, Love :)
Bebe is 14 months this month, and he almost never slept on his crib...sigh...
and last nigh, he start sleep on regular big bed :D
I don't get it why, but seems like Bebe always go backward before he will go forward...He crawled backward before he crawled forward...and he does the same with this toy...he keep pedaling backward...he even sits

2011.08.02 FInally...

and finally bebe sits facing forward, but he still pedaling backward...haha

2011.08.03 Big Slides

I grabbed this delicious spicy pork tacos at the taco truck near my place...I love to drizzle the red chili sauce & a lot of lemon to make the tacos taste more spicy & good!!
we took Bebe to play at the park again
the highlight of that afternoon was that we tried to make bebe slides on the bigger & twisted slide...but at the end we decided that that Bebe was too young for that!
And when the sun is going down, it's time for the little boy to go home...

2011.08.04 These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

I love to try new ice cream flavor...this Smores flavor by Dreyers is so good, I can actually feel the graham crackers crumble, and also the fluffy marshmallow. It remind me of my logging trip, we baked a lot of smores that night :)
Bebe wearing sleeveless clothes, he's cute even when he put angry face on!! haha...

to see Bebe's new trick every he stacked all his bath toy inside the basketball net
I also love my NARS collection :)

2011.08.05 Big Boy on His Big Boy Bed

Since he refuse to sleep on the crib, Bebe is now sleep on a regular queen size bed. We put some pillow under the bed (in case if he fall). Usually after he woke up, he would just walk to mommy's room :)
2011.08.06 The Blue Angels Show

Good morning :)
This is our second year of watching the Blue Angels show, 
and this year we are also going to watch it with our friend, Doug & Chasidy.
When we hang out with them at their area, Mercer Island, we usually have our meals at Sushi Joa
This year, the weather is sunny and perfect for watching the live show, 
so we are going to watch the show from I-90 bridge. 
They closed the bridge by noon, and there was so many people there :)

the amazing show, there was 6 of them
bebe was really tired, he fell asleep and didn't wake up even that the Blue Angels was crazy loud!!
ps. hubby said this picture looks like a war zone...but who go to war with short and colorful t'
in this picture you can actually see the color of the plane, it's blue with yellow stripes
this one is a funny picture, so the plane went 90 degree up, and it was so sunny and people are trying hard to see the action there
after the show, we went to hang out at Doug & Chasidy's place
Ethan got his 1st soccer lesson...and baseball lesson, and golf lesson!!
Chasidy & I
it's always fun to hang out with Doug & Chasidy, they are so lovely...
ps. I got sunburn from watching Blue Angels

2011.08.07 Snoqualmie Fall & Casino Buffet

starting our day by taking a family picture XD
hi baby, you are so lovely...I'm so blessed to be your mommy! ;D
So...we haven't been to Snoqualmie fall for a loooong time, I think the last time we went was like on 2008, I was so excite to go there and imagining that we would have a short hike...but the day before we went, hubby told me that Snoqualmie fall is doing a reconstruction now and the hiking trail was close. I can't believe that they would take so long to "enhance" it...hopefully by the time they finished it would be super awesome!

Bebe was so excited, it was his 1st time to visit a waterfall...he can't take his eyes off the waterfall!!

me: hi, hello can you help us take picture?
random Chinese guy didn't reply but he took my camera (meaning yes, right?)
me: please take our picture WITH the waterfall
random Chinese guy: ok

so here's his masterpiece of our family picture blocking the waterfall...LOL!!!
luckily some other tourist and Chasidy help us took great family pictures WITH the waterfall :D

After the sight seeing, we then went to the Snoqualmie casino to try their buffet. 
They have king crab buffet on Sunday and last time my friend went, they even have lobster!
The buffet line was crazy long and slow...we waited for more than one hour and bebe get so bored and cranky...he wants to play the slot machine just because he love to play with buttons, and also they were colorful. I think kids shouldn't play around the machine, but then bebe was start screaming and let him play for like a minute or so...(without using any money, off course!)

the line...
Bebe munchin on cherios while waiting in line's time to eat!!

the king crab legs was pretty good, but then there wasn't much food selection there...

2011.08.08 Sweetness Galore

Today is our Bali wedding 2nd anniversary, but both of us kinda forget about it...haha...
anyway, Bebe is so sweet, he loves to hug me when he sleeps, or just leans on my shoulder.
Bebe also left a drool spot in my was a heart shape!

2011.08.09 Kimchi Lover

Bebe is not a Korean baby, but he sure does love kimchi!! 
At first hubby let Bebe tasted the kimchi just for knows that Bebe would keep eating it??!!
and that day Bebe refused to sit on high chair, he wanted to sit on regular chair like mommy and daddy XD

2011.08.10 I Love You, Mommy...

The way he looked at me was so sweet X)

90 % of the time, Bebe would sleep like this :)

2011.08.11 From Light to Dark

I love our funny family picture :D
I'm so happy to finally got my own somtum (Thai papaya salad) bowl! 
I went to a church where the majority of the people are Thai, and they always made this delicious green papaya salad, they teach me how to make them, and now I got my own somtum bowl, I can make the perfect somtum :D
Today is the grand opening of a new Safeway near our area, I love their gelato! yummy & cheap!
today, I also marinade a huge bowl of chicken wings for the next day BBQ,
I don't even remember what did I put me try to remember! chopped garlic, lemon grass, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce (Indonesian ABC brand!), Korean chilli pepper, ung...can't remember anymore...haha :D case you wonder what the meaning of the post...from light to dark?? 
tadadaaa....after having a super light hair during Summer, I finally decided to dye my hair darker!
this is what I use
 Loreal mousse hair color in 50 Pure Medium Brown
before & after picture
I do a review of this hair dye HERE

2011.08.12 Dark Hair

Bebe was trying to eat a corn while we were at Safeway...

2011.08.13 Megumi Festival & Family Dinner

We were invited to go to Megumi Preschool's festival by our friend, their son went to that school.
It was fun, I saw a lot of kids wearing Yukata, Japanese Summer light kimono :)
Bebe really loves the goldfish stand, he played there for a long long time!!
their food was also good, overall the kids festival was fun <3
after the festival, we went to this new yogurt place at Broadway,
1620 Broadway
Ste D

(between Pine St & Howell St)
SeattleWA 98122
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
(206) 860-1386

I love this self-service frozen yogurt, not only they have this uber cute Hello Kitty cup and spoons, 
but they have so much frozen yogurt flavors, they are delicious!! 
Some of my favorite flavors are: taro, NY cheese cake, peanut butter cookies & juicy peach tart
the water dispenser they had a bunch of fresh strawberry on it
today ,we got a new baby harness for Bebe...we like to call it monkey

that night, we had to go for family dinner because hubby's brother and cousin was in town...
Bebe met his younger cousin for the first time and kiss him...
I love Bebe's big eyes, he looks so much like me...haha <3
family picture...
Bebe is such a happy boy <3<3

2011.08.14 New Tooth!!

I love to see Bebe sleep...always so peacefully
and...finally his 3rd teeth is coming out!! lol

2011.08.16 Big Boy

15 months ago, we took him home in this onesie...look how big he is now!!

2011.08.17 Hot Summer Days

Watermelon is Bebe's favorite fruit! 
During this scorching Summer days, we ate at least 2 huge watermelons every
thank you dear hubby for always cutting them up. I don't like cutting fruits...
a lot of people said that hubby and I look you think so too?

when we are talking about Summer days, we can't forget about this icy treat...Ice cream!!
during Summer, Haagen Dazs had their limited edition flavor, 
these two flavors are extremely delicious! especially if you like caramel,
the caramel apple pie one had apple pieces and the cake's crust...oh so heavenly!!
I lost count of how many tube did I ate during Summer...haha
my favorite clothes during summer is short denim & thin blouse
and sometimes I'll let Bebe running around in his diaper
both boys were topless while doing their circus
layers and layers of cuteness :D


Bebe likes to drinks his milk while watching kids tv show at ipad...
...but he likes it better if mommy hold the
naughty boy...
my hair is super long now, it touched my waist line...I want to cut it but haven't find the time yet!

2011.08.19 Little Pirate

I love his pajama, so cute <3
Bebe keep bumping his head everywhere... >,<
falling asleep while drinking his milk...
do you like my falsie? I'm going to make a lot of falsie review soon after I finished this post!
Later on that night, Bebe pull my make up tray down...and killed some eyeshadow >,<

2011.08.20 Leak...

This will surely happen when Bebe had 20oz of milk the night before...
even if he wears the special night diaper!
I love his serious face
I love his round big eyes wallet, pink camera + pink camera case, pink ipad case, even pink blotting paper :D

2011.08.20 Seattle Aquarium, Waterfront

good morning! I'm very excited about today, because we are going to go to the aquarium!! 
I noticed that when we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant last time, Bebe keep pulling me to take him to the aquarium. So I asked hubby, why don't we go to aquarium this weekend :)
btw, I like to put flower pin on my hair, it's my signature look. what's yours? :)
my falsie here is crazy long...hehe...I have to keep trying different falsie to make the review
so we drove to Waterfront, and park somewhere at 1st Ave,
we decided to grab a quick lunch before heading to the aquarium
this is hubby, when I look at him, I fall in love again and
He's a very funny person, always saying something that no one will even think about it...haha

He got salmon and chips, I got halibut and chips. I don't like cooked salmon... ;p
Bebe had his very first french fries that day...but it seems like he enjoy the ketchup better ;)
there was so many seagulls outside Ivar's!!

Seattle Waterfront

it's Dori!!

finding Nemo :D
it was really cool to see the clown fishes was swiming around the dancing anemone 

the cool dome aquarium
Northern Fur Seals
and after the aquarium visit, we went to yogurtland again...yay!!
Bebe was mixing all the flavor in my bowl...eeeekkk...
after the long day Bebe was so tired...

 it was almost home, so I tried to keep him awake by tickling his
and then he start giggling in his sleep!! too funny!!
oh yeah...I edited this picture using a new

2011.08.21 Dinner at the Wynn

Our dear friends, Tess & Bill Wynn just move to their new place, and they invited us over for dinner :D
Bill open the water sprinkle for Bebe

the boys
it was a hot day, we can't stop drinking the ice water!!
delicious feast!! 
Urap, oxtail and udang goreng. I like to dip the shrimp on mayo + sriracha sauce, but they don't have it...
 so I made the sauce from Bill's favorites condiments, bleu cheese + tabasco...not bad!!
the delicious Indonesian delicacy...Sop Buntut / Oxtail Soup

hey Muffin :D
after the dinner, they took us to this nice playground around their house
the Wynns

bye bye Muffin!

2011.08.23 Junior Master Chef

Good morning, sunshine :)
poor Bebe was teething and he cried a lot and very fuzzy >,<
lately, Bebe really likes to "helps" me cook. When he saw me cooking, he would rise his little hands, demanding for me to pick him up. Then, he would like to helps me stir the I gave him one of my old pan and a spatula and let him play with it

2011.08.24 Still Loving the Pan

Bebe loves to play with the pan while eating his meal
Bebe's favorite fruit, watermelon
after lunch, Mommy & Bebe are watching The Incredible :)

2011.08.25 Camp Survey

Our Church, Hope of Seattle always have annual camp with other Hope Church in USA. This year camp was in New York, and we will be hosting the camp for next year here in Seattle.
I was joining the pastor family to do the camp survey, booking the room and stuff.
We made a quick stop at Bebe got his first McD meals...
it was banana strawberry smoothie and chicken nuggets.
He loves the smoothie better...good boy!
P'Sung (the pastor's wife), Ann & I. 
I love them both, they both are Thai. When I'm with them it's like being with my own family <3
P'Sung and Ann told me that Seattle got the best camp site, each room have their individual bathroom, which is awesome...the thought of sharing bathroom with other people kinda creep me
the conference room is huge!

each bedroom come with a queen size bed and a bunk bed, it's family friendly room
the camp map & other facilities
it was a hot hot Summer day, Bebe turn into a red lobster...
Luke & Bebe, the only 2 boys in our Church...hehe. 
Luke is only a month older than Bebe
after the camp survey, we met hubby at the Ave (Seattle U District) to eat boat noodle. 
Ann had been raving about this noodle, she said it was really good.
It's like Thai special noodle, where they mix some blood into the soup, kinda new to me but it was good.
somehow, lately I keep taking this kind of pictures...where you can clearly see the ray of light...I like it!
some random stuff...I saw this popcorn at Uwajimaya, isn't it cute??!!

2011.08.27 Din Tai Fung & Mini Golf

I was trying a new pair of eyelashes that day...a review of it will be coming soon <3

Bebe looks so naughty with his new upper tooth!! haha
We went to Bellevue to eat the famous xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung <3
Din Tai Fung
Categories: TaiwaneseChinese
700 Bellevue Way NE
Ste 280

(between 6th St & 8th St)
BellevueWA 98004
(425) 698-1095

the dumpling armies, they were making dumpling non stop!!
we were waiting for 40 minutes before we were seated...they are always so packed!
the menu
they even have truffle dumpling!
while we were ordering our stuff, Doug pointing out that the building infront of us had this funny pac man stickers on the windows :D
Hubby's mango smoothie & My yogurt green tea with boba...I love yogurt drinks, so refreshing and good!!
our foods...yummm...
ps. their service was great too!
their world-famous xiao long bao (juicy pork dumplings) was really good! 
we re-order that dish once more... XD
our dessert was the delicious Taiwanese shave ice with puding, bobba, azuki, taro & more...
it was huge! 
funny picture of Bebe & Doug <3
and off course, a family picture :D
what's the fun thing to do after lunch...?? 
it's mini golf...yay :D

at the first hole, 
Bebe keep trying to jump into the pond.
and guess what!! he did fell!!
his short, t-shirt and bib were all super wet >,<
and no, he didn't cry when he fell, he STILL keep trying to jump to the pond again...

so I decide to "do laundry" on each stop...trying to get his clothes dry

this is where the fun ended...we only complete 12 out of the total 18 holes. 
Bebe was sleepy and really cranky...It's hard to carry the golf stick, camera, and bebe's clothes at the same time...I ended up dropping my new!!
and...guess what I made for
it's dumplings!! after all the dumplings we had for lunch, we still miss the dumplings,
and I ended up making 2 types of dumpling, the regular pork dumpling and salmon dumpling.
The salmon dumpling was my original idea, find the recipe on my new cooking blog :)
I love to eat my dumplings with hot & sour sauce like this
Bebe had the same dinner with us, and he also got to eat one his favorite snack...roasted seaweed!

2011.08.28 Hope Family

For this year annual Church camp, our pastor made t-shirt for everyone, 
and we decide to wear it to go to Church that Sunday :D
Bebe chomping on banana on the way to
hang out at Green Lake's wadding pool after Church
Bebe & Jada

2011.08.29 Funny Boy

In the morning...

at night...he Insisted to help mommy cooking the soup,
it looked like he enjoy it a lot :)

2011.08.31 Welcoming the Guests

Bebe never failed to entertained me, this is Bebe acting
He just lying on the floor, staring at the wall...haha
the ripe blackberries at our backyard, they are sweet!
Hubby's aunty (a.k.a his late dad's ex gf) is visiting with her family,
we went to her friend's restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is very famous for their Sezhuan style foods,
and they are indeed very delicious. My favorite were the walnut shrimp, stinky tofu, salty duck and the catfish dish.
Category: Chinese
7845 Lake City Way NE
(between N 12th Ave & 78th St)
SeattleWA 98115
Neighborhood: Roosevelt
(206) 527-8888

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