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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2010.10.03 Church's Bowling Event

In our church, we always celebrate our member's birthday. And what make it even better is that they always buy delicious fruit cake from China town, the same type of fruit cake they sell in Taiwan, I love it!!
Singin birthday song, I think there was 5 people that have birthday that week, including my beloved hubby :)
and after the birthday celebration, we went to the bowling alley. I forgot which bowling alley...haha...but I think it was kinda new...?? ;p
Usually hubby is pretty good at bowling, most of the time he will get turkey...but that day lots of his ball went to the
good thing bebe was sleeping, so hubby and I can enjoy the game ;D
I forgot to mention that it was Bowling competition, we were using 5 lanes and we got 5 people each lane. It was a lots of people! The kids were participating too, and on that lane they put the gate so the ball won't fall into the gutter
David was the winner for the individual that scored the most, the prize was movie voucher
And this group is the winner for the highest score per group...I'm so jealous!! how came all the awesome bowler happened to be in one team?????!!!!! lol XD~
last but not least, of course we have to take group picture ;D ...too bad the lighting was really bad!

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