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Thursday, February 24, 2011

2010.10.09 Hubby's Birthday Party

Hubby's birthday was on October 5th, and since it wasn't fall on weekend, we postpone his birthday party to Saturday night, October 9th so it more convenient for our guest :)
Hubby is not really crazy about party and always have no idea about how to plan one...while I loveee party!! haha...I really enjoy being with my close friends and having great time together. So I plan this birthday party for him and after a lot of consideration, we end up having his birthday at our home sweet home, it's easier for us to mingle with the big amount of guest...and also it was lots of kids too lol

so much good foods! I prepare Korean BBQ & banchan (Korean side dishes), while our friends bringing various type of delicious foods
I feel so happy that so many of my friends were there to share their love!
both living room and kitchen were full with our beloved friends! ;D
and finally we remember to sing happy birthday...haha
the cute kids playing hide & seek XD~
camwhoring... XD~
thank you Xiao Huang for the cutie birthday cake!!
Tessa & Vanessa, my Indonesian girls...lovelove!!!
more girls!!
Baby Ren attacking Russel...too funny!! haha
...looks like someone really love his food!! bwahahha...
and the party going on and on and on...
Thank you for everyone for coming...!!! ;D

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