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Monday, February 21, 2011

2011.02.21 Long Time Not Blog!

Ciao tutti! ;D
I hope everyone is doing super fine,
it's been such a long long time that I haven't been blogging, and yes, I miss it!
my last blog was on October 2010, and now it's February 2011...time flies so fast
I really want to write everything that happened during those 4 months because I don't want to miss a thing, really!
why? because for me this blog is like my journal, where I can always find all those old memories :)

thank you for everyone that keep visiting my blog, and please bear with me while I'm catching up with the posts.

here's some sneak peak about my upcoming posts
1. Lately I've been doing this 30 days photo challenge on Facebook, is anyone ever do that before? it's really fun actually. I'm not sure if you can see mine because my fb account is private, but maybe if I post the link you can see it?? I don't's the link anyway :) 30 days photo challenge

2. I took Bridal make up class

3. Taking Baby E to visit my hometown

ok, I guess I better start to write all the posts now ;))

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