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Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011.07.21 March 2011

what happened during March 2011 :D

2011.03.01 Ethan Visited NOAA

NOAA is the workplace of my hubby. Hubby took us there to see around and to show the baby E to his coworker. Here's baby E at Doug's office, Doug is hubby's coworker and also our family friend, a very cool guy :)
Ethan is happy because he can play with the keyboard and

I remember that March 2011 wasn't my favorite month at all because bebe got sick twice...I hate it when bebe got sick, It's hard for me to see him suffering like that.

2011.03.04 Went to the Doctor

seems like bebe catched cold from the other sick kids at church...he got stuffy nose and keep coughing, breathes heavily and lost appetite. He lost 2 lbs!
2011.03.12 Happier Day

We went to Lunchbox Laboratory, they had moved to a new location recently, and they still working on their menu. We didn't see much variation on the new menu @_@
My favorite stuff are the Truffle Love Burger & Boston Cream Donut Milkshake...ohh so yummy!! (and!!) their milkshake is so good, but really thick as well, I could never finished them XD
then we went to our favorite shopping place.....tadada.....Baby r Us!! lol...the place I go the most since I had baby E!!
look at this, bebe and the mobile were matchy matchy :D
I got him a new set of bath toys, he really loves it and made him want to stay on the bath tub longeeeeeerrrrrr.....
2011.03.20 Went to Birthday Party
little Barbie & Ken :D
with my friend, Shane...sice it was Princess party, I glued some of the confetti on our face XD
2011.03.25 Oregon Trip

We went to Oregon to attend one of hubby's best friend's wedding. And 2 days before the wedding, the bride asked me if I can do her make up, and off course I was happy to do so :)

shopping trip at Nordstorm
we stay at Hyatt Place
the next morning, I went to the bride's house early in the morning to do her make up...and later on, also did make up for the maid of honor, 3 other bridesmaids, the bride's elder sister, and also mother of the bride. The bride and Groom requested a suuuuper natural look, no false eyelashes.
by bff Vanessa also came with us to Portland, mostly for the shopping
It was a pretty good trip, but bebe catched cold (again!) he was fuzzy during the trip, cried a lot in the car, and coughing and vomiting too :(

and this is taken just before we check out from the hotel, I left my make up pouch on the car and only had my Chanel Powder Foundation, Eyebrow pencil and Lipgloss with me. My skin was pretty ok that time, so I survive with the minimal make

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