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Friday, December 11, 2009

2009.12.11 Now I Can Hear You

Today was my schedule for pregnancy monthly check up at the family practice,
this week is my 14th week of pregnancy, cannot believe that time runs so fast,
when I visited the doctor for the first time by the end of September,
we found out that I was 4 weeks pregnant,
and now it's been 10!!

I've been really anxious this week about the doctor visit,
and truly wish that we would be able to hear the baby's heart beat...
I remember that the doctor can't find the baby's heartbeat last month because the baby was keep moving and hiding,
good thing that we got the ultrasound 3 days before that, so at least I already knew that my baby is ok and he/ she was constantly moving around.

when the doctor tried to find the baby's heartbeat today,
we didn't hear anything until almost a little peanut was playing hide and seek!
but i was overjoy when the doctor finally found my baby's heartbeat,
finally I can hear you, my little one!

my little peanut, do you know that your heart beat sounds so funny?
it's totally different than what I was expected...I though it would be like mine...bum...bum...bum...bum...
but your heart beat sounds like a puppy! was so fast!
and the doctor told me that you were keep moving around and kicking,
I'm so happy to know that you are one healthy baby,
I haven't met you just yet, but I know that I love you so much already ;)


  1. this kind of post is always my favorite !
    Happy to hear the wuff wuff a little puppy !

    oh sen....big hug for you !

  2. hihihi...beneran tess, kayak gitu bunyinya XD~~


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