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Friday, December 4, 2009

2009.12.04 Being an Ordinary Person

My dad once told me,
that the happiest people on earth are those ordinary people.
"how could it be, isn't it great to be extraordinary?" i asked him,
the more you have...the more you want, the greedier you'll become, he explained.
the richer you got, the greater pressure and stress came along,
the more you devoting your time to your possession

being an ordinary person,
not too much possession
not too much pressure,
not too much, just enough,

being an ordinary person,
you appreciate more,
you enjoy more,

being an ordinary person,
you are the happiest person on earth

1 comment:

  1. My dad said the same thing !!!
    hidup itu yang penting kecukupan, pas mau beli rumah ada duit, pas mau jalan2 ada duit, pas sakit ada duit buat ke dokter.
    Ga perlu berlebih-lebihan.
    Yang penting saat dibutuhkan, ada cukup yang bisa digunakan :D

    So, just be an ordinary people with ordinary life, but be the happiest one !

    Hugs !


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