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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009.11.24 The Ugly Duckling

No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl.
All little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't.

-Marylin Monroe-

When i saw this beautiful quote, it reminds me of my own childhood...
it wasn't my parent that give birth to an ugly baby. I was the first born in my family, and my parent told me that i was so cute when i was a baby. fair skin, light hair color, big pairs of eyes, and very chubby...and even that i was almost a hairless baby, people loves to play with me.
but that's changed when i get older...

on my first year of elementary school, my teacher found out that i have problem with my eyes and called my parent to talk it out. i was 6 years old that time, and my eye sight was really horrible that i can't see anything on the blackboard. i remember it was a big class back then. probably a class of 40 kids or more.
I remember i was mortified when my parent told me that they have to take me to the eye doctor. i know i have problem with my eyes, but i'm scared to hear anything from the doctor. I was in denial.
whenever they tried to took me to the doctor, i will hide, scream and cried.
but short story, they took me to the doctor and found out that i was nearsighted.
i remember that by the time they found out about my problem, it was pretty bad already. both eyes were at least -4 (or maybe in other place they call it 400 or something)
then i have to start using eye glasses.

back then, the glasses for -4 was really thick and ugly. i look at the mirror and think...i'm so ugly...and as if it's not bad enough, people made fun of me. my cousins, my classmates...all those mean kids. i feel sad, mad and frustrated. i became gloomy and grumpy.
it was never my decision to choose to have bad eye was never my decision to use that thick ugly glasses. it just happened. and life must go on.
it wasn't a pleasant memory at all. but whenever i think about that, i thank God that i was strong enough to get through all of that obstacles. it was truly a humbling experience for me.

when i read Monroe's quotation, i was wondering...what if someone told me i was pretty when i feel so ugly back then...maybe i will be a little bit happier and won't be too sad.
i cannot change my own past. but i can make a different in the future,
all little girls should be told that they are pretty, will you do that with me? ;)


  1. As I said before, Ure pretty...and I'm looking forward to meet u, Sen....
    shopping, cooking, and take care of baby....
    make up, and talk all the time.

    Hugs :)

  2. cannot wait to see you tess!! ;D


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