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Monday, November 9, 2009

2009.09.20 Hi Phil!

this is an overdue post,
but I would like to post it since it has lots of picture of food as well...haha
you know I love foodsss, foods are fun ;))

my hubby been telling me stories about his bestfriend, Phil,
he shown me pictures of him too,
and I was excited to finally meet the mysterious guy ;D
the first time I met him was on September 19th 2009,
we went to this all you can eat hot pot place at china town, so delish!!
been there billion time, never remember the restaurant name...haha...
all i can say now is that the hot pot place is located close by the craw fish restaurant ;p

the next day, we went fot dim sum...yumyum...
but that day, we didn't go to our usual dim sum place, Jade Garden.
somehow the polices block the way to chinatown @_@
so we end up try this other dim sum place on the gloomy plaza next to Viet Wah supermarket
unlike Jade Garden, you don't have to wait in line in this place ;p
the food is not bad too,

my all time favorite, Xia Gao...can finish 3 portions of this all by myself ;p that how we spell it?? lol
with Kenny & Phil,
can you see the steam chicken feet on the table...oh yummy!! haha
I think Chinese people really eat everything, feets, intestines, name it!! XD~
hubby and I,
we love to dip the dish with red vinegar + soy sauce + lots of chili sauce...delish!!
the food festival didn't stop there,
later on, we went for dinner at Julia's Indonesian restaurant,
i love this place, imho, it's pretty authentic ;))
the happy dinners ;D
Nasi Rames - Ayam Kremes
the fried chicken is super good!! i always craving for more...i want it now!! drolls...
Nasi Timbel,
Steamed rice with Javanese fried chicken, fried marinated tofu, spicy anchovies, and accompanied with tamarind soup
they were happy with the food I ordered for them ;D
last but not Rijtafel!!
mine was with empal and yummy!!


  1. aww <3 you are so sweet! Thank you for the great comment! I saw that costco deal when I went there the other day! That's why I want to talk to them about my membership ^_~

    Now I have so many great places to try! I really appreciate it! Where in the Seattle Area are you from? It's so great to know someone local!


    DSK Steph

  2. glad you found that helpful ;)
    I live at downtown Seattle, Madrona area ;))


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