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Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009.08.15 Elephant Village

this was one of the most exciting part of my travel this year!!
after the floating market session, the tour guide took us to the elephant village for an elephant ride ;D

we have to up to the stage in order to climb up to the elephant's back
ancient turtle looking cute with my purse and pink camera case...haha
view from the was so high!!
our elephant was an adult 25 years old female elephant, Tong Gua (the rider told me so)
she was so beautiful, lovely and playful,
we feed her with bananas ;D
the picture were taken by the elephant rider, pretty good eh?
the elephant infront of us apparently was Tong Gua's son
she was holding his tail with her trunk once in a while
we were kinda freaking out a little bit here,
the elephant suddenly went off road, and almost went into the swamp!!
but of course we still posing...haha
good girl, she went back on track ;D
then we crossing the small river,
Tong Gua was splashing water to her son...haha
thank you for the ride, beautiful elephant ;)

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