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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010.05.24 Baby E's Nursery

Today we finally finished setting up baby E's nursery,
put the stickers on the wall too!
as I promised, here's the pictures...enjoy! ;) quiet please...
hubby and our DIY nursery, we painted and assembled everything by our selves ;)
the crib was a gift from my brother, and hubby decorated this part of the wall ;)
and i decorated this part of the wall for the changing station
obviously the nursery theme is "Elephant" ;D
long story short, "baby elephant" was my nickname when I was baby...and now I'm going to have my own baby elephant ;)
the elephant is hiding behind the lion...haha
bebe's pack & play at my bedroom...also in elephant theme!! ;D


  1. aweee you guys are tooo cute! this is the cutest nursery i have seen! you two put so much effort in the detailing of it. good luck on ur labor process! can't wait to see the baby!

  2. thank you!! we are so excited, will post more pictures soon ;))

  3. This is such a lovely nursery room. The green color and zoo theme make it very comfortable and calm to look at. I hope you have a very smooth and painless delivery!


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