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Monday, May 24, 2010

Falsie: Daiso Hi-Grade Transparent Line Lash 6

Daiso Hi-Grade Transparent Line Lash 6
I got them from Daiso for $1.50 each
I got them from my local Daiso store, but i just found out that you can get it at Daiso online store now, it's a little bit more expensive at the online store.

this pair is a regular criss-cross style, not too dense, not too thin.
and this falsie is right on what it claimed to be "very natural & transparent line"
the band itself is transparent, thin and very flexible, therefore...they are very comfortable.
imho, this type of falsie is much better than the other falsie available at Daiso (the pink container). I just hope that they came with more style variety

I would recommend you to curl the falsie after you put it on,
doing so, will really "open" your eyes...see the different here! ;)
Contact Lens: Freshkon Colors Fushion in Misty Grey

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