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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010.07.31 One Summer Day at Pike Place Market

arriving at Pike Place Market, Seattle own tourist destination
the view behind the market, Waterfront
beautiful & vibrant local spices
meeting our friends, the Lee family
you can always find this guy making balloons for kids there ;D
Ethan was around 12 lb that time, it still easy to hold him and walking around ;D
it always crowded with people
the famous "flying" fish market
I love our family outing :)
Faith decided that she wants to join our family picture...haha
dadies and babies
a bear made out of gummy bears!
gotta love Bruce Lee...(but not so much of those creepy puppet dolls...)
the flower market, huge selection of the freshest, prettiest flowers out there!
and there it is, the very first Starbuck coffee shop ever! with it's vintage twin-tailed-mermaid logo!
I found Santa's bike!!
with a weather like this, everyone want to be outside!
Baby Luke & Baby E enjoying the fresh air
pouting / whining / faking a cry...bah...hahaha...
Double cute'ness! XD~
Peace yo!! (he pose by himself as always!!)
let see...what will happen if we tight their feet together...hmm
one baby
Baby Luke: "Bweeeeeee...!!"
Baby E: "Bweeee...!!"
baby fight...! ;p
baby E hit his own face...
ahh...what a fun day ;D

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