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Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010.08.01 I Love My Local Church

My family and I had been going to Hope of God Seattle for about 9 months now.
most of the people in Church are Thai, but the second service is English service.
after church we always eat lunch together, the members are divided into 3 teams and take turn on preparing the food, the last week of the month is potluck.
I'm on team #1..but after the baby arrived, I havent's been really cooking for my team...what a shame! ;p
baby E also eating...haha
This church is rather small, but I love how the member genuinely care about each other. I remember the very first days I became a new mother, the sisters from Church came to my home and bring me foods, like special food to boost my milk supply Being far from my own family, I feel like I've found my 2nd family here, the family of God. I feel loved! :)

We always celebrate the member's birthday every month
It was David lee's birthday. He was hubby's childhood friend and he was the one who introduce us to this church :)
they also love to help us with the baby, I'm amazed on how so much people love kids for myself, before I had my own baby, I NEVER had any interest on other people
the cake that day was the Mango cake...oh so yum!!
posing with Jana, the Pastor's younger daughter XD~

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