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Monday, October 25, 2010

2010.08.07 The Blue Angel

Seattle Sea Fair is here and I'm thrilled because this is my first year ever to see the famous Blue Angels performance!! Normally I never spent my summer in Seattle because I always spent my whole summer in Bali, my home I missed the performance 4 years in a row, but this year, thank to the arrival of my baby, I got to spent my summer here ;D

I think it just cute to dress bebe in blue theme to watch the Blue Angels!
we went to Mercer Island, to hubby's coworker's place to meet him then going to watch the show together.
Doug and hubby loves sport! and they trying to get baby E into basketball since early age! haha
gotta LOVE that tree...must be at least 100 years old!!
the Blue Angels squadrons fly in close formation...what a skill!!
they were super loud, and they made the ground shake too! this is the spot we were watching the Blue Angels was raining that day >,<
bebe stayed in the car, and I covered his ears with blanket. I was standing next to the car door, and keep peeking at my sleeping child
after that we went to our friend's place to hang out some more & hot pot dinner
bebe been smiles more and more lately
I lvoe to play with him... XD~
hot pot...perfect for a cold rainy day!

2010.08.06 Afrernoon Stroll at Alki Beach

Afternoon stroll with my little family
looking at sunset making me miss my home town...
there was a lot of people fishing and crabbing there, and most of them are Asian (I wonder why...freebies? lol) and even that it was so cold and windy, some kids were swimming!! I was amazed...
by the way, if you can see those 2 blurry crabs on the background...they were playing death! at first i though they were dead, they stay still like a stone! but later on they start creeping out...haha
bebe feeling sleepy...
he fell asleep, then we put him on the stroller and hubby and I continue the afternoon stroll :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010.08.05 My Sweet Baby Boy

Some babies can sleep easily on their own, but my baby is not one of them...
he loves to be hug...sleep on mommy's or daddy's arm
when I put him down, he woke up and was staring at me with those huge puppy eyes...
he was upset because mommy sneakily put him down after he fell asleep... :(
he was still mad...but his best friend (the binky) always helping me to calm him down
ohh, he fell asleep again!
peeking to make sure mommy still holding him

Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010.08.05 Drama King...

I present to you...the real Drama King!
he loves to whines and faking a cry...just to get my attention
then he smiles...
then threatening mommy with this face
but at the end of the day, he is a funny happy boy with a lot of facial expression ;D

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