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Sunday, May 10, 2009

2005.05.09 My New Sexy Beast

I'm so happy,
after my old computer having blue screen 2 times in a week,
today finally i got a new computer
hubby build a special gamer computer for me,

before he start build my new computer,
we went for some Jamba juice for the hot day,
while waiting for our drink

Orange Dream Machine + Soy Protein Boost

jambaism #5...i never seen the #1, 2, 3,'s always number 5! lol

hubby order these things for me, i can't believe we only need so much to build a new computer!!

and after we finished building my new computer,
we heading for dinner, some Korean dish ;D
i LOVEEEEE Korean food!
i forget the name of the restaurant, but i'll update later ;p

the FREE side dishes,

I love this one, it's dried anchovy with walnut, it was really yummy!!!

I also like this bamboo dish, it was lightly seasoned

But not a big fan of the kimchi and was too sour! (in this particular restaurant)
by sour, i mean...really sour! because i love sour stuff, but this is too much ;p
i love the kimchi with oyster from PCD house

The grilled mackerel, uh...yummy!!!

and off course, the staple dish for me & hubby, Soon Do Boo with fish roe ;D
topped with raw egg & seaweed

the rice was taste good too, they mixed it with some kind if grain

another staple food, the seafood pancake!!
dip it on the sauce, hmmm...sooo good!!!

us with the tons of food...yumyum...!!!

ps. so far, i'm loving my new sexy beast, it's much much faster than my old granny one!!

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