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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009.05.06 Biore ULTRA Deep Cleansing Pore Strip

today i wanna make a review about this awesome product,
I'm going to share my personal experience with this product here,
but if you want to see more description about the product, click here

first of all,
i have oily skin and big pores, which mean easy target for the blackhead to grow,
and I've been fighting this blackhead for a long time...o yeah!
after i remove the blackhead, usually it will come back again within one week,
plain annoying!

i will not lie and said that this product will take away all my blackhead period.
no. that's not the case. eventually the blackhead will make its comeback.
this strip also will not remove all of the blackhead,
but what i want to say is that this pore pack have stronger grip to pluck my blackhead,
therefore, it will remove much more blackhead than the other Biore pore strip version

i've tried the other Biore's pore pack,
the original one, the man version (it's wider), also the black porepack (got this from asia),
i also tried peel off masked from other brands,
but NONE of them can do better job than the new Biore ULTRA Deep Cleansing Pore Strip
remember, it's the ULTRA, not the original version

not only i use this pore strips for my nose,
but i also put it on my forehead, chin, and sometimes cheeks,
wherever i need to remove my blackhead from.

unlike the other Biore's pore pack,
while using the new ULTRA pore pack, I can feel cool tingly sensation on my skin,
and there's also a faint smell of tea-tree,
that's the only different that i can tell so far...
but the main different is on the result

here's some picture from today...i warn's really gross XD~~
ps. you can click on the photos to make it larger

from my forehead,

another view from the same pore strip,

from my chin,

another view from the same strip,

you can see that the strip pull out various size of the black head, including my fat black head too!!

1 comment:

  1. ah the good ol'biore! I need to try this =)
    thanks for the review!!!


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