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Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009.05.16 University Districk 40th Annual Street Fair

what is U Fair??
ok, I'm going to tell you what it is ;D
U fair is the annual Street Fair that take place at U District, Seattle
U District is the area of the grand UW / University of Washington,
i just like to call it U Fair, pretty much everyone in Seattle call it that way too XD~

and this year it was the 40th...yipee!!
and also my 2nd time to playing around here

the weather was perfect for a day out,
it's finally SUNNY in Seattle,
it's very rare ;)

before heading to the U Fair,
we were stop by the Husky Stadium to pick up our envelope for the next day marathon

my brother in law came to visit Seattle & also decide to join the marathon,
hubby & his brother are really athletic!!

my friend accidentally parked at the wrong spot!!! 0_O"

The Street fair begin here,

The food vendors,
it's pretty much the same every year

my friends and I were craving for some roasted corn, but when we see the color of the corn, it was a big turn off!
instead of a nice deep golden yellow color, the corn was super pale, even more pale than the color of butter...duh XD~

this vendor sells their gyros for $7 each, but you can get the same gyros from the real store across the street for $4, better deal! ;)

I met my girl, Vanessa in the crowd ;D
why everyone wearing white??

I got my first food here,

look at the size of those skewers!!

the guy at the background was making face...LOL

with hubby & brother in law

Friend, Food & lovey!!

some street musician

i found this vendor to be really interesting!

various type of doctors and proffesion

cute pastry!!!

they even have Yoga session!

one handsome husky!!

More Foods!!!
look at those mini doughnut :D

My friend craving for Strawberry shortcake XD~

some cutie...err...doll??

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