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Monday, May 18, 2009

2005.05.17 Nordstorm 27th Annual Beat The Bridge

Here's some pictures from the marathon event,
off course i remember to bring my camera...haha, i took so many pictures!!

Yuka & I posing on the bridge XD~

it was so many people there, and they were doing the warming up together,
this remind me of those PE class on elementary ~ high school!!

my friend and I before we started

Refreshing free water, served by the Nordstorm's volunteers

Hubby & I ;)

some people took their pet along, this one such a cuttiepie!!

this Husky stadium will be the finishing point later

Fenty, Me & Yuka posinggggg ;p

i saw a lot of people made their own group t-shirt!

what a lovely family ;D

the cheerleaders and their pompom!

the Nordstorm team keep supporting the participants ;)

long march toward University of Washington

UW's area, so pretty!!!

back to the pound, reach our 3rd miles

Yuka's eyes were really sharp, she point me to these funny sunbathing turtles

Zoom Innnnnnnnnnnnnn XD~~
my hubby said that he saw the same scene on that same spot 3 years ago!

here I was running toward the finish

at the finish line they were giving more stuff, water, bananas, orange...

it was so many people there!!

yes yes, we did it!!

then we went back to the finish line...hahaha XD~~

The super adorable diaper derby contestants!!!!

this cute baby girl were crawling so fast!!! but when she already so close to the finish line, she just sit

After the tiring marathon, we went for a nice brunch at Madrona area

the sour cream coffee cake is to die for!!!

they have this superman

we were so tired from the marathon, and almost fall asleep while waiting for the

the menu,

Hubby's dish,
House Made Corned Beef Hash, came with the Grandma Hazel's sour cream coffee cake

My favorite,
Imperial Mix Up, it's like a fried rice, but taste kinda sour, me lovey!!

Yuka's dish,
Fish Taco, she said it was really good!!

after the brunch, we were all passed out for quite a while...

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