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Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009.05.02 Puuuuuurrrrrfect Day

this is the blog about my purrrfect day,


in the Morning, my friend Yuka pick me up to go shopping at the Seattle Premium Outlet,
but actually, no one in Seattle call that place with its real name,
we call it Tulalip,
since it located next to the Tulalip casino, I5 exit 200
haha...ok, that's so detail ;p

we left my place around 10.30, and i think it was about 40 something minutes to get there,
we were so ready for shopping!!!

and we (ehm...actually it was me) did a real damage on my cc...syalala
shopping is a VERY EXPENSIVE & DANGEROUS hobby isn't it...

we went to Nine West to browse some shoes,
and i got this cute silver dancing shoes, it almost looks like disco ball...hahaha
i've been wanting to find a nice dancing shoes for go clubbing,
last time i went with 5 inch heel and i have to take a rest once in a,
for those who can stand the high heel for long long time,
pls tell me the secret!!
extra cushion?? yess, i tried so many brand, still hurt though!
maybe I'm getting old, i used to walk on those heels for hours and hours and hours

anyway, back to the Nine West story,
when i about to pay the shoes, the (smart) sales assistant told me that the shoes was buy one get one half price,
off course i love good deal!! so i get one more of the dance shoes in patent black ;)

maybe later i'll take the picture and update this post ;D

next to the Nine West store was...BCBG Max Azria, the girls best friend!!
we had so much fun here!!
me and Yuka sharing a fitting room and help each other with the crazy zipper,
it much much easier to have your friend helping you with those zipper ;)
i think we tried like 40 pieces of gown and,
we were pretty much the same size,
i end up getting 4 dresses and 1 cute top ;)

the CCO at this place were kinda blah...
they don't really have nice stuff, i remember the one at Oregon & Las Vegas have so much MAC Pigment, and other stuff
so i end up getting this clinique stuff there,
it was good deal for about $15 each

i will need the after-sun rescue balm for my summer getaway,
I'm going to go back to my island of origin, BALI,
it's a beautiful tropical place,
this balm should rescue me from the striking sun ;)

another place that fun there was the L'occitane,
Yuka told me that this brand is very popular in Japan too,
so far, i only tried their hand-cream,
the L'occitane store at the outlet sure have a good deal on lots of the stuff

i got this facial wipes (15 individual wipes) for less than $5
it have the shea extract that should be moisturizing,
i'm planning to take this with me on the long 18 hours flight to Bali,
they also put a pretty ribbon on it, so it can be a perfect gift too ;D

Ultra Rich Foaming Cleanser,
seems like my blue towel match these products really well, lol

Rose Hydrating Face Mist, big & small bottle

Very Precious Brightening Concentrate, normal price ;(
i start use it today, hopefully will help with the redness around my nose,
and some freckles that start appearing on my cheek bones!

Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume for on the go

look, how tiny it is ;D

while paying for it, i asked: "do you have gift with purchase?"
eventually they will give the hand cream if we purchase more than $60,
they also tossed some sample here ;)
i love gift with purchase, and those mini sample always make me happy

we also went to Cole Haan,
Yuka told me that their shoes are really comfortable,
sadly, they don't really have lots of cute style there ;p

I also went to GAP to get a cute cardigan,
i got 2 of them, one for me, one for my mom


after the long day shopping, we are heading to Maximilien Restaurant at Pike Place Market
i never been here, but Yuka told me that this is one of the best French's cuisine in town,
her father in law is French, and this is his favorite French Restaurant

inside the market, they sell so many beautiful flower

me & pretty Yuka waiting for the food, this place have a nice view of West Seattle

Yuka's coctail...i think the name was French75

My Maximilien Margarita

The complimentary French bread, it's crispy on the outside, and very soft & moist on the inside

The Appetizers

Les Huitres Fraiche
Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell with Champagne Mignonette,
Ed & Hubby share a dozen of oyster, i tried the oyster and think that Muckleshoot's kumamoto is still the best, see the picture here

Salade Maximilien with Roquefort
Mixed greens and Roquefort dressed with our house vinaigrette

Escargots à la Bourguignonne
Six escargots baked in garlic and parsley butter,
i always love escargot ;D

The Entrees

Duo de Canard
Duo of Duck Magret and leg confit served with
gratin Dauphinois, asparagus and a green-pepper corn sauce
Yuka and I ordereded this one with the pan-fried Foie Gras,
the duck meat was really tender, the sauce was really rich and tasty,
the Foie Gras just melt in the mouth!

when the entree came, i already blushing from the margarita... ;p

Loup de Mer Sauce Homard
Sauteed Chilean Sea-bass served over sauteed French green beans,
golden beets,polenta and a Lobster Sauce
-MSC certified as sustainable-
both hubby and Ed got this one, the fish was really tender and sweet too!
i still prefer the duck one though, i love duck meat!!

The Desserts

Café Gourmand
Single expresso with a sample of four desserts

Gâteau Fondant au Chocolat
Warm flour-less Chocolate cake

Tarte Amandine
Poached Pear and Almond tart

after the dinner we went to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine,
i really like that movie, the action was cool, with a touch of drama off course ;)

i was buzzed and can't recall what did i use for my FOTD,
but i remember i was wearing MAC Hello Killt l/s in Most Popular

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