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Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009.04.17 Kumamoto Oyster, Me Lovey!!!

My hubby's family came to visit us and stay for the weekend,
and on Friday night, we took his aunt to go to Muckleshoot Casino,
since she likes to play those slots machine

while she enjoy her time playing with the slot machine,
we went for the Oyster delight at the Oasis Restaurant inside the casino

at first, i was upset because the waitress told me that they were out of the Kumamoto Oyster
and she was so nice to told us that the other Oyster do not taste that good
but i was really in the mood for some Oyster,
then i asked her if the other oyster are fresh

she went to check it out,
and come back with good news, "The Kumamoto Oyster just arrive!!"
alright!! i ordered 2 dozen Kumamoto Oyster for our table

the oysters are so small it barely the size of my thumb!!
they taste amazing, with no slime whatsoever, no fishy taste at all

we also got some sushi, Dynamite roll & King Kong roll
the sushi was just ok, nothing special

since the Oyster was really goodddddddd, we ordered one more dozen for our table,
it was only 4 people in our table, hubby, me, hubby's cousin Joe, and my friend Yoing
here Yoing and the food ;D

there was too much people smoking inside the casino, it hurt my eyes...huhu
but then it still a fun night, i love the oyster so much!! ;D

here's the rest of the photos
Manh, Me, Tony & Joe
Yoing, Claire, Me, Manh

Manh, Me, Tony, Joe, Yoing
the sake was good!!

looking back at my pics, it was really a bad hair day for
but then, a bad hair day is nothing for me, since i had great time with my friends,
that's more important right ;)

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