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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009.04.25 Haul from the Daiso

various stuff i got from Daiso, Vancouver, BC
as you know, Daiso is a (mostly) 2 dollar store that sell various Japanese stuff,
and the one in Vancouver is 2 story store, much bigger than the one in Seattle

so, here's what i got,
- a box of cotton pad, 130 sheet inside.
i love the Japanese cotton pad, it's more sturdy than the one i find on drugstore, it won't break easily, good when using with the make up remover ;)
- a pink cotton....what do you call it?? i don't know..haha
- a white plate, for my kitchen
- a small vacuum spray bottle, i plan to put my brush cleanser here when I'm traveling this summer ;)
- 2 boxes of the milk bath powder, love this!!
- a make up sponge cleanser (the pink bottle on the plate)
- 2 pairs of cushion for high'heel
- 2 packs (of 10) square sponge for my compact
- 3 pairs of falsie
- a notebook
- a natural pack a.k.a peel off mask
- an oil blotting sheet in pink case, 150 sheet for $2!! this remind me of my junior high school days where i start using the oil blotting sheet, they did not have the oil blotting film that time ;D

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