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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009.04.22 Crush

i went shopping with my friend, Manh & Yoing at South Center Mall,
then we head for dining out with their friends,
it's a girls day out ;D

those girls always eat out and know good places to eat,
so today we went to Crush, where the chef is one of 10 best chef in Northwest
the place does not looks like a common restaurant at all
it was a house, and located in my neighborhood, kinda 2 blocks away from my place

Me & Manh

i love the black wood panel on the windows

the pretty water bottle,
they never informed us that they'll charge for that,
and at the end they charged us for 4 bottles of those water, $6 each!

Their special package menu, all of us decided to order this one

The freebies,
a puff with cheese

Lobster something...i forgot the name, but it's so rich and tasty, i love it!!

the rosemary bread

The girls: Yoing, KK, Me, Manh, Sarah

My 1st course, Japanese Hamachi Crudo, this one was so delicious!!
the sauce was very refreshing

My 2nd course, Handcut Tagliatelle Pasta & Caviar Sauce,
awesomeness!! i love the richness of the flavor, the caviar were good!!
this delicacy came with sea urchin and quail egg
i looks like i'm sad because the portion was so small, i want more of the goodies!!

Manh's 2nd course, Maine Lobster Gnocchi,
it was awesome too, really sweet!!

My 3rd course, Hawaiian Mero Sea Bass & Brown Butter Jus
really tasty and crunchy, i love the texture!

last but not least...the dessert, Frangelico Bread Puding & Carrot Gelee
it was ok...

the check came with this various sweets ;D
i got the ginger marshmallow one


  1. I love the makeup you are wearing in these pix... Can you do a tutorial?
    and lovely lovely food..... You're gorgeous

  2. Yummy FOOD! You look so pretty here too!

  3. yess, it was really yummy ;D

    i'll upload the FOTD picture here ;)


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