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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009.04.21 First Attemp to Cook Pot Roast

today was so HOTTT, the heat definitely punch me and gave me massive headache,
but thanks to my beloved Exedrin, i kicked back the headache...haha!! i win!!
thanks to my brother in law, Alan to introduce me to Exedrin...woohoo!!!
i love it!!

after those 2 red pills, i feel so much better,
and start doing some clumsy yoga,
why clumsy???
ok...I've only been to yoga class once...and i try to memorize the movement,
and i ended up mixing the yoga with the pilate move, that i can barely remember,
since i've only been to the pilate class once too!! haha

then i ready to cook!! yay!!

i was planning to cook some Indonesian style beef stew,
but then hubby bring me this recipe book, so i change my mind XD~~

so...this is my first attempt to cook Pot Roast,
i love the name...Pot Roast, somehow it sounds yummy,
and no, i never eat any Pot Roast before XD~~
i don't even have all the ingredient,
but i feel adventurous today,

so here's what i do,

first of all, i chopped some celery and put in on my crock pot

and then some carrot, here i'm using the baby carrot and chopped in half

and then I chopped 1 onion and put it together with the other veggies

lastly, chopped this 2 big potatoes and put it as the last layer of the veggies

then put the beef chunk, sprinkle it with 1 tbs salt, and 1/2 tbs black pepper,
it should also need 1/2 tbs paprika, but i don't i put some McCormick Montreal grill stuff...hahaha...

the recipe said that i need 1 cup of beef broth...but i don't have any!!
then i cheat and do short cut...haha, lucky me i have this Maggi beef powder, i love Maggi!!

as the instruction, i mixed 1 tbs of the powder with one cup of water,
then pour it on top of the ingredients

that's it! then i close the pot

then set it for slow cook for 8 hours,
i will know the result tomorrow when i wake up,
wish me luck!! ;D

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