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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009.04.15 The Book of the Dead, Egyptian Art

The Book Of The Dead

some of you knew that I'm a Art History Student,
so, expect to see some of these things on my blog ;D

above, the scene of "The Last Judgment of Hu-Nefer"
a papyrus scroll from Hu-Nefer's tomb at Thebes, Egypt.
1290-1280 BCE
this scene portraying Hu-Nefer led by Anubis, the jackal-headed deity into the Judgment Hall,
where his heart will be measure against the feather,
if his heart does not measure up, then his heart will be eaten by Ammit, the deity that take form of Hippopotamus head and the lion's body.
in the picture, Thoth recording the judgment on the script,
and at the end, Hu-Nefer will be taken by Horus to receve the eternal life from Osiris

i just finished writing an article for my homework about this art object,
the ancient art always so alluring to me with their magical story and secret
learning the ancient art history really interesting and fun
beside this Egyptian tales, i also love the Greek/Roman Mythology ;)

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