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Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009.04.18 Are you Lucky?

it was almost 2 am in the morning,
we just went back from Muckleshoot Casino (i'll write the post about the visit later)
and we were so sleepyyyy...zzz....

yet as always, I'm still chatty before the bed time...

I'm happy being with hubby and feel lucky to be with him,
but instead telling him so...
i want to know how does he feel, does he feel the same??
so i asked,

Me: " Tony, do you feel lucky to be with me?"
TY: ""
Me: " HA???" what the hell...i can't believe he said that!!
Me: " but why?? i mean...i can be with anyone, but i'm with you know, don't you feel lucky??"
TY: " same here, i can be with anyone but i'm with you" he have this habit to repeat my words, i don't know why...haha!!
Me: " anyway, do you feel lucky or not?" me insisting
TY: "it's not lucky, it's effort"
Me confused o_O"
Me: "what do you mean?"
TY: " well, i use lots of effort and time to get you"
Me: " so you are not lucky?"
TY: " no, if i were lucky, you'll just come to me without me trying anything"
Me: " but i though i was easy with you that time"
TY: " no you're not, i was hard to get you"
Me: " haha...ok!!"

so...maybe there's no such a thing as lucky, all we have to do is do the effort...?? is that so? ;D

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