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Monday, April 20, 2009

The 27th Annual Nordstorm Beat The Bridge

Hi all!!
Nordstom? yes yes, it's the same Nordstorm as my favorite shopping mall in Seattle!!

so, Nordstorm will held its annual Bead The Bridge on May 17th 2009,
it's a charity sport event to raise fund for beat the diabetes!
very nice!!

my hubby join this event before,
and he's the one who convinced me to join
even that I'm not good at sport and a sucker at running

i just registered for the event and,
i want to encourage all of you who live in Seattle to join this event,
it cost 17 usd, and it will all go for the charity,
you can pay 10 more dollar to get the t-shirt event,
but i didn't, not a fan of those event

register HERE

let's join this event and we will help raise the fund to beat the diabetes ;D

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