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Monday, April 13, 2009

2009.04.11 King Crab'ing

since my sister asked me to upload my blog, here it is

alright...this is the 2nd time we went King Crab'ing feast at V garden, China Town!!

since the season almost over, the price went up from $ 9.99 a pound to $ 14.99 a pound!!
but still worth it...kinda?? was greattt

see the size different between the King Crab and the regular crabs

here's the King Crab's gank on the tank, wrestling with each other,

me posing...haha

here's the monster that they pick for us, a 8 pounds King crab, a little bit smaller than the oen from our 1st visit, 10.5 pounds goodness

the one from last time, 10.5 pounds goodness!!
humongous size!!

here, me and my friend Manh being flirty with the crab XD~~
she was the one who introduce us to this awesome feast, she went there like 7 times in 2 weeks!!

so, V Garden offer to cook the crab in 3 different ways,
we choose the "Black Bean Sauce" and the "Fried Salt & Pepper" style,
and it usually come with this Chinese style sticky rice that come inside the crab's clam

here's my friend Ed with the crab goodies,
eventually the "friend Salt & Pepper" style also come with the black beans
they are so tasty!!

last but not least, the sticky rice under the crab's clam!!

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