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Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009.04.25 Trip to Vancouver, BC #3 Dinner

Now this is the best part from the trip,
the ultimate dinner at the Guu with Garlic, Robson, Vancouver, BC

They are 4 Guu restaurant around Vancouver, BC,
but my friend told me that this one, Guu with Garlic is the best one,
their specialty course, garlic!! ;D

they opens at 5.30, but we were there before 5,
since i heard it's always jam packed!

the cute drawing on the door, super kawaii!!!

while we were waiting...

my new red first flat shoes ever!! ;D

i think this guy have a pretty interesting bike!

ALRIGHT!!!!!!! Guu is open now!!, let's enter and see what's inside ;D

after they send us to our table, they gave us warm towel to wipe the hands

the waiter and waitress were so stylish, they looks like just jumped out from the comic book!! ;D
the people works there were so dynamic and energetic,
they give the customer a good vibes!!

their signature drinks

Their special menu for the day

the drink menu

i was so excited about the food, that i made a note about them!!
its for the sake of this blog also...haha,
i'll rate the food from 1 to 5 star

Our first dish, Beef Carpaccio,
freshly seared beef sashimi on sliced onion dressed with plum dressing and wasabi mayonnaise,
topped with green onions
this was fabulous dish!!!
rating: *****

the inscription on the chopstick cover,

the decoration above us

Next dish, Beef-Tounge-Steak,
grilled beef tounge steak with garlic butter topped with garlic chips
this one too, really tasty and the meat have great texture, awesome!!
rating: *****

Bingbang Chicken topped with bean sprout, cucumber & black sesame sauce,
this is the today's special dish, the chicken was tender and not dry at all,
it's pretty unique, i never tasted anything like this
rating: ***

sea salt grilled pork cheek with yuzu orange ponchu, green onion on top
this reminds me of the taste of Balinesse suckling pig, without the Balinesse sauce
it's really tender, the taste was great!
rating: *****

mayo grilled miso marinated black cod,
awesomeness!!! i always love black cod for the smooth texture,
and cooked this way, it's heaven!!
ps. try to eat it with the grated radish
rating: ******************** ...hahaha...exeptional rating for this one!

lightly seared fresh tuna sashimi on sliced onions dressed with soy sauce and vinegar topped with green onions and garlic chips
rating: ****

grilled whole squid seasoned with garlic and serve with garlic mayonnaise
rating: ****

here the waiter preparing our coctail with the ramune

the Cherry Blossom (soho, crushed cherry with ramune) and Snow White (soho & calpico with romune)
i really love the Snow White, it was awesome!!

baked oyster with spicy cod roe, corn and garlic mayonnaise serve in shell
i love this one too, really tasty and good. but it's not spicy at all
rating: *****

Kimchi Nabe,
Korean style spicy pickle cabbage hot pot with pork, tofu, green onion and mushroom,
topped with sesame seed
another new dish to try on, it was good!!
rating: ****

an assortment of six pieces of Oden,
my first time to try too, it was interesting ;D
the soup was light, but taste good
rating: ****

deep fried prawns with chilli garlic mayonnaise with hint of cilantro
it taste like the chinese dish, walnut prawn,
come with the pink crackers, we also have those crackers in Indo, reminds me of home =)
i already feel so full this time...haha
rating: ****

my scratch note...

last but not least,their signature dish
they sell up to 50 of this everyday!!

boiled egg inside a deep fried pumpkin ball dressed with house sauce,
despite the weird idea and look,
it was really good and unique, i miss it already ;D
rating: *****

Ed & the cool waiter,
he was the
i really love their service, the food flying out from the kitchen really fast!!

the bill, it's about 70 usd, not bad for such a great food!!

i even got this from the toilet ;D

after the dinner, we stroll along the Robson street,

my friend Ed, found this store...Ed

i love the posters!!!

he's not a lunatic, but a groom to be ;D
the police was kind enough to cooperate with him for the photo purpose,
i wonder is US police will do the same??

a little shopping spree at FCUK,
the store were kinda silly to gave us different shopping bag,
if you bough the on-sale stuff, they'll give you the SALE shopping bag...ridiculous lha...
what's the point of doing that anyway?

Homer Simpson!!! ;D

Last stop before heading back to Seattle,
Blenz Coffee

their palmier was gigantic!!! i always love palmier,
but then i was too full from the Guu XD~

I'm full and tired and sleepy already...this is the last photo for the day ;D

the cool tea on Blenz display

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