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Monday, April 20, 2009

2009.04.20 Curvy Lip Silicone & more

Hi all!

if you were my youtube subscriber,
you will know that lately I've been craving for more Asian Cosmetic
it reminds me of my days in Taiwan, uhhh, how i love those days
lots and lots of Asian Drugstore Cosmetic available within 10 minutes walk
and they are like super cute compare to the US drugstore brands

i got more stuff from last weekend
we were eating at China Town with hubby's family,
and can't get parking anywhere
then i told hubby: "just park at Uwajimaya, i'll buy something there later."
if you spend at leat 15 usd, you'll have free parking for 2 hours
and man...i love to shop there!!
they have this small section of Asian Cosmetic stuff, lovely!!

so, here's the stuff that i got
some more Curvy Lip Silicone
i got the clear one around 2 weeks ago, and this milky pink one on last Saturday

lovelovelove the clear one, i can put it on top of any lipstick and it create this plastic'ky look

the milky pink one, i would say...not my favorite,
this one have the less pigmentation compare with my 2 previous shades, the nude and the coral pink. (ok, i made out the name myself, since i can't find the shade's name on the
and with this color, i can see that it's kinda settle on the lips fine line

here's the other previous color i got,
the nude and the coral pink

the coral pink appear pretty dark here,
but actually when you apply it,
it will turn to be really nice beautiful pink,
not as dark as it appear here

all those models has the same huge fishy Angelina Jolie type of lips, me lovey!!
I want to have those kind of lips too, but hubby said it's kinda scary...haha

i have review about this Curvy Lip Silicone on my youtube channel,
i don't know how to upload a video from youtube on the blog yet,
if anyone know how to, pls help me ;D
anyway, here's the link to my review ---> Click Here

last but not least,
i also grab this automatic liner

i was in a hurry and just grab it,
i though it was a liquid liner, i didn't pay attention
it turn out to be a automatic pencil liner,
with a rather unique tip, its a flat tips
i found that it surprisingly easy to use ;D

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