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Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009.04.18 Cherry Blossoms at UW

we decide to took hubby's family to Cherry Blossoms sight seeing at University of Washington
it was a little bit chilly, but sunny. overall it was a nice weather ;)

after missed the Cherry Blossoms for 2 years in a row, finally today i got the chance to visit UW and its Cherry Blossoms! ;D

on the way to the Cherry Blossoms place
hubby's cousin try to attract the squirrel to come closer
the cute squirrel
hubby taking pics
the beautiful pink Sakura, can't get enough of them

these are the only pics we have today, Joe was inpatient!! ;p

hubby's grandparent
Joe, Little Aunt, Emily

Grandparent and Us
the duckling also enjoying the nice weather today
i don't know why they have this rubber alligator...LOL
I'm so happy that the weather was perfect!
i LOVE hubby's grandma a lot!!
i feel that I'm closer to her than my own grandma
she's loud, nosy, and funny
she told me: "we have similar personality eh? i love to talk, and you too!!"
LOL...i love you nainai!!
you are the coolest grandma ever!!,

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