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Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009.04.23 Kobe Beef

Me & Yuka posing in front of the restaurant,
Manh is busy calling people on the background

it was so sunny and nice outside, we gotta take picture!!
me and hubby

my awesome gym buddies couple, Yuka & Ali, i HEART 'em ;D

today we dressed up in new clothes, i just got hubby's shirt yesterday, i love the color ;)

with friends

the Kirin Beer was so good!! it's not crazily bitter, me lovey!

the infamous Kobe Beef, for $12/ounce!!
the presentation was really poor, this is looks like a teriyaki restaurant where you can get the whole meal for $12!! no dressing for the salad, no radish for the kobe...hmp...

with the crew

less people and more sharp pic

more people but kinda blur...haha

the mofo bills... o_O" we got charged like $150 / person, and it's not even worth it,
bad service, I'm telling more!! haha
so my friend ordered 20 piece of kobe steak ahead, but then it was only 16 of us,
and we HAVE to eat them all anyway, we sent one back because it was burned,
and the waitress were arguing with my hubby saying that the steak was OK!
then hubby asked then to flip the steak, then they can see how burned it was!! boohoo
bad service, and they give 'em self $300 something tips!

all the pretty girls ;D

ahaha...Kirin's effect...all blushing! asian glow...asian glow...XD~

We were not satisfied with the food and decide to heading to China Town to get some more!!
here me & Yuka at one of my favorite restaurant at China Town, i never manage to remember their

Seafood Chow Mien!!! oh yeah!! hahaha, the end of the journey today...

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