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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009.04.15 Spring!!! Skagit Tulip Festival


it's mid April already,
Spring quarter already started month ago, so it's officially SPRING!!
but then lately Seattle is so cold, there's so much rain and wind,
Officially it's Spring already here, but not practically =(

let me introduce you to a Spring activity in Seattle,
every April each year, we will have Tulip Festival at Skagit area,
it's about 1,5 hours drive from Seattle,
but due to the cold weather, i heard that the Tulip will be not ready on time,
and people have to wait for maybe another week for the beautiful scenery...

I went to Skagit Tulip Festival for 2 years in a row,
here's my favorite pictures ;D


The tulips were ready within the 1st week of April!
i went there with hubby (that time he was my bf), and 2 friends, John & Ed,
each of them had their own SLR, oh! how lucky i was to have 3 photographer,
all for myself!!

here here, Ed, Tony & John who took my pics ;) thank you thank you thank you!! you guys are the best!!!

look at the color, so beautiful!!

the beautiful red tulips

The Magentas

The 2 colored, looks like ice cream!!

The Pinks

The Yellows

...and everything else...


This year, more people, more merrier ;D
they even have the on the Big Fish movie

there was also a white Cherry Blossom tree

Then...the tulips ;D

with the crew

Yellow & Orange tulips

Now, we'll move to the Tulip Garden, we need to pay admission to enter this place,
outside the garden, there's various type of tulips

Entering the Garden,

the name is ABBA!!

Dreaming Maid

My sister commented: "twilight" at this pic, it was long before the movie and the rave,
she always thinks that i looks so pale like vampire

the spiky tulip

Last, but not least, the Skagit famous home-made ice-cream,
the line to get this ice-cream was looooooooooonggggggggggggggggggggg....

it's CASH only!

the ice-cream size was humongous!! by the end of the day, it starts getting cloudy...time to go home!!

I'm not sure if I can make it to the Tulip Festival this year, my weekend is pretty much full-booked for the next 2 weeks!

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