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Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009.04.25 Trip to Vancouver, BC #2 Lunch

Vancouver, BC

so, we went to Aberdeen Mall to get some good Dim-Sum,
and while waiting for the table,
I'm walking around at the top floor and find this interesting store

basically, this store sell all kind of model for food,
like those one the restaurant display, pretty cute!!
but i wondering, who's gonna buy this kind of thing??

The Japanese Food Corner

The Chinese Food Corner

Now, it's the real food!!!
the place we eat dim-sum for lunch called Fisherman's Terrace Restaurant,
located on the top floor of the Aberdeen Mall

you can click on this pic to see the menu ;p this is just part of the menu

Steamed Chicken Feet With Gluten
really good and tasty!! it was really tender

Steamed Spareribs & Pumpkin With Black Bean Sauce,
this was awesome, we had 2 order of this!!

Fresh Shrimp Dumpling (i have to eat this every time, that's how much i LOVE this ;D),
Steamed Beef Balls With Chinese Parsley, Beef Tendon With Japanese Seasoning Sauce

 forget the name lha, so i give you the Indonesian name for this dish!
hubby and Ed like this but i don't really like it,
this dish contain cilantro, the green leaf that i can't stand... ;p

After the fabulous dim-sum, we heading to the food court,
they have Beard Papa's the puff stuffed with cold cream, i really love this,
i love the original flavor & the green tea
they also have this at Seattle, one at Uwajimaya, China Town,
another one at a Korean Supermarket at North area

Trying some fresh juice

hubby act like a tourist with the limited Canadian dollar we got from the money

Mango & Yogurt

This Mall sell lots of Asian Figurine,

Postpet Doll, i used to really love this ;D

Dragon Ball

and other various small figurine

Then i went to Daiso,
the Daiso store at Aberdeen Mall is huge!!
i'll post my haul from Daiso later ;)

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