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Monday, April 13, 2009

2009.04.11 Bar Hop'ing

My friend, Manh invite us for attending Crimson C's 2nd year anniversary,
and it was also her friends birthday event on the same night

but we end up doing bar hoping!!
as i remember, here's the route...
1st, Crimson C : got a stamp, hang out for a while, it was so empty over there, since we arrive so early

me and cute Manh at Crimson

2nd, Trinity : trying to get stamp at 9, but found out that they won't give stamp until 10,

3rd, Crimson C : back again for a while, one of my friend, " XH" almost got kicked out because the bouncer thought that "XH" was fell

4rd, Trinity : we got info that they start giving out stamp, so we heading over there, took picture at the blue room, since it match Yoing's and my dress ;D

there was 2 camera here, so i guess me and Manh were looking at the other cam ;p
Yoing, Manh, Me, Tony (why you looks sleepy?? haha)

5th, Imo : they told me that Imo got this awesome yogurt soju drink, and i never tried it before, so, we continue our new shoes start killing me here, it's like 5 inches high'heel!

the awesome yogurt soju, Jeff treat us, thanks Jeff!!
( i don't know if it's ok to put his pic here, since i just know him too, i'll ask him later)

6th, Crimson C : Manh gotta say happy birthday to her friend, while me and hubby enjoying the awesome hot dog outside...too bad we didn't took any pic! i didn't have my cam that night =(
but the hotdog was awesome, they put cream cheese on it. and off course i put lil bit of ketchup and lots of mustard...yummy!!

7th, Trinity : ok, this is our final destination!! haha, the yogurt soju start hiting me and made me blush all over, some people call it...ehm..."Asian Glow"

Trinity was packed that night, it was their anniversary too...number...hmmm...i don't know!
haha, it should be more fun if i wasn't silly enough to wore my new high heel. my feel hurt that i have to rest once in a while...bah...hahaha...okok, leason learned: NO MORE NEW SHOES ON DANCING NIGHT!!
and Manh also got her ankle twisted, poor girl =( ok, next time it will be better!!

here's the view from the top, Manh friend reserve the vip area on the 2nd floor, nice sofas for me to rest my cranky

ps. i didn't like the music that much that night. the DJ somehow always cut / change the music when the song is on its hottest moment...peoples just about to get even hotter, then he change the music, i saw ppls got confused, pause a lil bit, then continue again...hahahha...


  1. Great Post, Honey! I can't believe you remember everything! lol

  2. thanks, i'm trying my best!! it was kinda blur too...XD~~


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