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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009.04.15 Which Color is Your Aura?

1:32 AM

I'm a night owl that always have problem to sleep at night, due to my night energy,
note: i did not took a nap earlier, and was hitting the gym for an hour or so
i should be tired, hubby already sleep since hour totally awake!

just check on facebook...(as always)haha...
and find out that Xiao Huang took a rather interesting quiz, Which color is your aura,
his result was Orange

so, I was curious and took the quiz myself,
here's the result...

Seni took the Which color is your aura? quiz and the result is Yellow
Yellows are the sunniest, happiest and most childlike personalities in the color-spectrum. "All I want to do is have some fun!" is a song which is a wonderful representation of Yellows and shows their easy going, light and sunny character. These playful people have a wonderful sense of humor. They love to laugh and intimately enjoy life from many different angles. They advocate relaxation, the pure joy of life and live spontaneously. They are always reminding other people to not take life too seriously and to always look on the bright side. Life and work should both be enjoyed.

all of my friends will agree with this statement,
that's what i do, life my live happily, and enjoy it to the max ;D

1:42 AM

a friend of mine made a comment on that post,
Manh: the description is so you, my dear! happy-go-lucky!


  1. Hey Senji!

    I havn't been on youtube either. I've been very lazy! lol I miss your videos too but glad to see you started a blog. =) Hope you're good. I'm following your blog and you look so pretty in the main picture with the flowers. SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Yellow Aura huh? Seni! You should be the 'xiao huang'.. :)

  3. Thank you Xina, i hope you won't get bored from my blog...haha

    Xiao Huang: yellow is a fun personality...being xiao huang is not ;p


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