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Monday, April 13, 2009

2009.04.13 Beauty Haul from Ebay!

Hubby just arrive home and told me that i got some packages,
i run down stair ant find 2 packages, then open it ASAP

I never tried any of them before, so...I'm really curious ;D

From Left to Right,
* SHILLS Purifying Peel-Off Mask : mask that work like those Biore blackhead remover strip, really looking forward to try this, since i always use up to 5 Biore strips!!! forehead...nose...cheeks...chin...dang those blackheads =(
* Mandom Cleansing Express Makeup Cleansing Lotion - Sebum
* Legere White Multi BB Cream

i got the SHILLS from avitine from Ebay
and the other stuff from ianhaze

both seller are great, my items shipped really fast!!
i got it in 4 days


  1. oh my gosh i have the same bb cream! my aunt got it for me from taiwan. she said it helps with acne, i haven't tried it yet! how do you like it? :]


  2. hi Renee,
    so far i've been using it for around 5 times,
    the color appear dark, but then it blend out nicely with my skin tone,
    it's also very moisturizing, so it's easy to blend, not dry

    the only thing that i don't really like is that it make my skin looks oily so fast,
    note: my skin is very oily

    but rather than that it's pretty good
    it have good coverage too ;)


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