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Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009.04.23 Sneak Peak from my Beauty Haul

damages from yesterday, 2009.04.22

from Nordstorm,
Dior Quintet in Mystic Jade,
a unique color combination, the taupe color looks like my favorite Shu Uemura shadow ;D

From MAC Store,
i was kinda bummed that they haven't launched the Rose Romance collection,
it available online already
anyway, here's what i got,
some e/s in pan, i want to depot all my MAC e/s, it's easier to use that way

Deep Truth, Contrast

All That Glitter, Woodwink, Star Violet, Sketch, Beauty Marked

small empty palette for on the go & Word-Of-Mouth from previous holiday collection

From Sephora,
NARS single e/s in Galapagos & Silent Night

and these Bliss moisturizer was on sale for $5 each!!! (normal price $24)
the other SA said that it was limited for 1 per person,
but my SA was ROCK!! she didn't care and ring me for 4...hahahha
i don't even use this moisturizer, thinking about give it as gift for friends maybe

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