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Friday, October 9, 2009

2009.08.14 Night Market and More

As soon as we arrive Bangkok,
ancientturtle took us to this small little restaurant for dinner,
the only thing we like from the dinner was the Tom Yum Soup, creamy and sour!!
then we stopped by a mini mart, 7-11
and got some drinks and snacks
our hotel, Arnoma hotel was located on one of the busiest street on Bangkok,
that night, we decided to explore the night market outside the hotel
this sugar cane juice was the best!!
we drink that everyday ;D
i think it was around 35 bath for this big bottle
small coconut
Durian!!! Thai have the best Durian in the world!!
so fragrant and sweet, creamy in texture...oh lala...
this sausage was really really really good!!
never eat anything like that...yummyumm...
(i'll put another picture of it by the end of this post)
the first day we bought, it was 15 bath...the second day it was 20
taken from the bridge
Central World Plaza Shopping Mall
after the shopping, we went to get some more food...
our hotel room ;D
our favorite,
this sausage contain ground pork and rice noodle inside,
a little bit chewy in texture,
and i can't really describe the taste, it had a little bit tangy'ness flavour on it,
super good!! i wish they sell them in Seattle >,<

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