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Friday, October 9, 2009

2009.08.15 Floating Market

arriving on the location,
that's the big van that i comfy, i always sleep inside...hehe
and the guy in black shades was the driver
this boat will take us to the floating market location
the trip with that boat was rather fun, we can feel the cool breeze of the air ;))
this is what we saw along the way,
the sun reflection on the water made it appear so sparkly like diamond...beautiful!!
there were lots of boats along the rivers
almost all of the houses own their own private little shrine
the happy honeymooners... ;D
more views
there were also some modern houses along the river

cute kids playing together
spotted everywhere...tourists and their cameras!!
maybe i was on their cameras too haha...XD~
the floating stores, selling various stuff from everyday object to handicraft
Manggis & Durian...have you ever tried those fruits? ;)
boarding to the main market
these look so similar to "Barong Bali"

and robot alien?? lol
i took this picture from their calendar. i'm not sure who they are...maybe the Thai royalty??
but the lady was so beautiful...!!
onthe floating market...
guess, what do they have on the boats??
FAKE LV PURSES!!! hahahaha...i saw lots of people buying them @_@
but i was more interested on their foods...yummm
the young coconut was so refreshing...and it less than $1!! woohoo!!
we got some photos like this...
no kidding, you have to be shameless and bargain like crazy here!! (i learn that skill while i was lived in china...LOL)
local vendor always put a crazily high price for foreigner...
for a set of 3, they gave me this price ---> 2900 bath
i end up paying 500 bath for them!!
on the way out, more fruits vendors

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