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Friday, October 2, 2009

2009.08.14 Nongnooch Village

Ciao tutti,
I hope you enjoy my entries about the Thailand trip,
thank you for the sweet comments, you made my day ;))

on August 14th, we went to Nongnooch Village,
to watch Thai kickboxing and elephant show
i LOVE elephant, so i was so happy ;D

isn't this baby ele super adorable ;D
momma elephant is huge
the opening show on the Nongnooch Village,
traditional Thai dance
the Thai Kick-Boxing
More of traditional show
they even use the real elephants on the last show,
the theme was a war, something like that

a real woman or a lady boy...??
this orangutan was so old that he loss lots of his teeth already,
not to mention he was huge!! so cute and adorable!!
and last but not least...the adoooooooorable elephants show!!
throwing darts to the baloons,
this one ele was so funny, he got so much action going on!!
and...painting!! ;D
they even have this ele on the garden ;))
too bad after the elephant show i was so sick that i can't even eat any lunch,
the giude then took us to a private hospital,
man...the hospital was awesome, looks like hotel,
the service was awesome too, so fast
i was diagnosed with a sinus was super hurt >,<
got like 4 or 5 types or pills, including antibiotic, it was really help!
after that we drive back to Bangkok

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