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Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009.08.13 Tiffany Show at Alcazar, Pattaya

After the Zoo, we drive to Pattaya, it was about 3 hours by car,
then the guide took us for dinner right away

the tom yum soup was the bomb!!
i love the combination of sourness and the creamy texture...I'm drooling now!!
regular vegge
i remember that this dish was pretty cool
SURPRISINGLYYYYYYYYYY...we got no agenda for that night at Pattaya,
so i asked the ancient turtle to took us to the infamous drag show.
some people call it Tiffany show, and some other call it Miss Universe show.
then he took us to Alcazar, he said it was the best.
we pay for 800 bath/ person for this show (around $25)
and sit on the second row
inside the theater
and here you'll see the amazing work of Thai's plastic surgeon,
don't get tricked, all those hot sexy ladies were the "lady boy"
they were men...!! amazing amazing bodies!!

the opening
Tony thinks that this one is cute, he took lots of picture of her...i mean him ;p
I like this one, s/he looks like Korean artist ;)) ...and i think she was lip sync on a Korean song
Thailand theme, gorgeous colorful costumes
this part is so funny,
s/he took that poor guy that was sit infront of me...LOL
the song was: Mr. Postman, it was cute!
Vietnamese theme
Chinese theme
and guess what's the theme of this?? yes, it was Dream Girl ;))
Persian theme
this is so funny...this guy looked like someone we
Indian theme
another Korean song
Korean theme
this one was pretty cool,
at first, it was all dark, and you'll think that there was 2 people acting on the stage,
later on when the lights on, we figured it out that it was one man show!
they were dancing on 007 song, "the world is not enough"
this was was really cool too!! at first we though that they were statues...

the one positioned more forward had a pairs of nice boobies,
it looks natural and perfectly rounded,
while the other one looked so ice cream's cone!
talking about paying a better surgeon here ;p
the closing dance
after the show finished,
you can take picture with them, the price is 100 bath/ person
we got tricked by the scary looking one...hahahha...
then became smart and choose to spent the 100 bath on the HOT one XD~~
after that we went to another infamous show, the tiger show, or also knows as ping ping show...not going to write any details here. we were not allowed to bring any camera during the show ;p

and this is our hotel room at Pattaya


  1. man, ive never been in a drag show but it looks super fun. you look very lovely in your photos and I bet the long travel was worth it because of the food :)

  2. thank you dear, the show was fabulous indeed...and (most) the drags were really gorgeous too ;D

  3. your information is not correct , the show you saw was not the best in Pattaya. You went to Alcazar show not Tiffany's SHow. Tiffany's Show Theatre is the first cabaret show in Thailand and the best one.

  4. aww...i got tricked by the guide then...he was the one that gave me that information =(


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