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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009.10.29 Baby Bloom & Balinesse Food

Seems like my blog post will get more and more new topics each day
I'm not sure if this is too early to announce,
but seems like most of my friends knew it already,
so...I'm thinking, why don't i share it with my lovely readers as well ;))

I'm Pregnant!! ;D
on my 9th weeks now a.k.a 2 months and counting
still on the first trimester

as most of normal preggers, I'm craving for a particular type of food,
and alas! I've been craving for BALINESE FOOD!!!
yes, we do have Indonesian restaurant in Seattle, but they don't sell Balinese food that i like,
oh how i miss my hometown!!
so, I basically lost appetite on anything, but keep thinking of the Balinese food =((
frustrated with the situation,
i end up browsing for recipes online and experimenting on my little kitchen,

so far, i had made 2 authentic Balinese dishes and so proud of myself!! ;D
they are the home-style-cooking type of food that mostly won't be available on restaurant,
here's they are

Be Sisit (Shredded beef with Balinese Spices)
Ayam Suir Sambel Matah (Shredded Chicken with Shallot & Chilli)

do you craving for anything during your pregnancy?
share the story with me ;))


  1. Ive never heard of these food before and they look delicious. Thats awesome that you can cook!

  2. they are Balinese home-cooking style stuff ;D

  3. wow i have never heard of balinese food before but it looks so GOOD!

    when i was preggers all i craved was fresh fruit, french fries, and korean food. i wanted them all the time. in the begining all i ate was fruit salad every day!! in the middle i know i ordered like french fries at least once a week (and my hubby would be like "anything else?" and me " NO only fries!! large ones and only from MC D") and in the end Korean home cooking almost every other day. they say whatever you eat alot of the baby will like.

  4. whoa!!
    thank you for sharing your experience with me!!
    a month a go i was craving french fries like crazy too!! and same like you, it have to be LARGE fries from McD...hahahah...i guess they made the best one ;D


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