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Friday, October 16, 2009

2009.10.10 Hubby's Birthday Dinner

while taking a break from my honeymoon post,
i'll bog about the recent dinner with friends ;))
actually, his birthday was on October 5th, but since it was Monday,
we postponed the birthday dinner until Saturday

hubby and I went for lunch at Fulin, China Town,
the tonkatsu charsew ramen was awesome!
the broth was rich and tasty, and we got tons of meat (we asked for extra meat)
definitely try this one if you visit Seattle
the dinner was held at Romano's Mcaroni Grill at Northgate Mall,
they put on white paper sheet on table, so the guest can doodle while waiting for the food
my lovely Joysha drawing her own utensil ;D
the bread was truly amazing, i couldn't stop eating it!!
and off course i always love the olives ;))
olive oil + vinaigrette + black pepper = awesome dip
my bridesmaid, Vanessa
the lovely fellow food lover, Russel & Joysha
the lovers
Lobster Spaghetti
traditional Spaghetti & Meatballs
Vanessa got the biggest plate!!
Pork chop & mushroom risotto
Joysha's Pasta Milano was awesome!! i wish that i ordered that instead ;p
Ali brought this awesome Shirayuki Sake for the birthday boy
i feel really bad that i was TOTALLY FORGOT to ordered hubby's birthday cake!!!! (i blame to the crazy hormone) and Chi Ju came to the rescue with this awesome tiramizu ;))
hubby was so sad that i forgot his cake, then he get drunk..............kidding!!
hahaha...he was so cool about that, it was so unfair because he got me a fabulous bday cake earlier this year ;p
Tony with his basketball buddies
my cool photographer friend, Chi Ju
he took this pic
with my pretty girls ;D
after the dinner,
Joysha and Russel took us to this cool cinema, Cinebarre,
you have to be over 21 to be able to enter the place,
we purchase the movie ticket from the bartender ;))
the ticket was $10 each
cool classic cult posters!!
inside the theater, you can order drink and food there ;))

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