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Monday, September 28, 2009

2009.08.13 Bangkok Safari & Marine Park

Before visiting the Safari Park,
the ancient turtle took us to a buffet lunch, that was better than any other place he ever took us to...but still not that fabulous ;p
here's the Safari Park,
we missed most of the show and end up only went to the bird show,
i really wanted to see the thai boxing monkey show though =((
a creepy looking model of floating market...haha
i always think that hippo is cute ;))
when hubby took picture of those croco, i though that they were fake...
until i saw the one in the back slowly crawled away...omg...they always act like they were dead!! how dangerous...
this man almost got eaten by the croco!! course it was fake... XD~ but i think it was rather funny how they put this doll up there

hubby flirting around, but the ladies seems to be unhappy ;p
i feel bad for this polar bear, even that they spray a lot of cool mist on his cave, it was super hot and humid there
this part is really cool, where we can enter the glass house that located in the middle of the tiger's cage. we were so close to them that we can smell the pee...
i was volunteering at the bird show,
we attract the bird with money!! haha...that's the new bait ;))
I never know that there was Grey flamingos!! 0_O"
feeding the baby tiger, he was so hungry (and skinny)!!
on the way out
then the tour guide took us to drive around the outdoor safari,
this suicidal deer was standing in the middle of the street...
and didn't care to move even that we were getting


  1. ooh snap im sooo hungry nooo lie hehe omg you have such good taste in everything hehe! can we trade lives??? hehehe =D

  2. thank you!! i'm so hungry too now...i miss the tom yum soup X3


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