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Monday, September 7, 2009

2009.08.08 The Wedding at Bali Tirtha Uluwatu, Part 1...Preparation

after a long delay, here's the entry about our wedding day,
we just got the official photos from the chapel's inhouse photographer on our last day in Bali,
and still waiting for the other photos from the other photographer,
this post will consist a lot of picture that also taken by family & friends.
due to large amount of the photos, i'll split the entry ;)

This post is dedicated to my amazing father,
without you, none of this is will happened
Daddy, I could never thank you enough for everything you did to us,
I will be forever grateful...thank you for everything,
thank you for let me have my dream wedding,
but moreover, thank you for loving me...I love you dad!

The matrimony were held on Augutst 8th 2009 at Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel, Bali
Our Tiffany's Milgrain in platinum & 18k gold wedding band rings
Groom's boutonniere, it was a little bit bruised...
I designed the bridal bouquet myself ;)
Boutonniere for family members
Bridesmaid's flower arrangements

Ivory color gown & tux
The accessories, just some simple peals, my birthstone ;)
The shoes...take forever to get my bridal shoes,
but it was lost after the tea
we still wonder where are those shoes now??
the bride and groom got different suites for the preparation,
they serve us this tropical drink and home-made cookies, it was really good!!
the view from the preparation suite
While i was getting ready with the make up and hair,
Tony greet his relatives from Taiwan that came early...
with cousin John, his wife Regina & their kids, Christy & Timothy
with Da Gugu (Eldest Aunty), her son, Steven, his wife, Carol, and their daughter, the cutest Rachel ;))
Tony's big family from Taiwan
Inside the Bride's suite

can't stop eating the amazingly good cookies...haha
doing my own manicure / pedicure while Linda finishing with my hair
The make up palette consists of pink, purple and green, mimicking the hand bouquet ;)
Linda helped me with the gigantic dress ;D
The make up start at 5 am (we leave the house around 4 am) and by 9 am I was really sleepy...good thing that my bridesmaid came with Red Bull...what a lifesaver!!
with my best friend from highschool, Vina...i LOVE her so much ;D
now that i got my energy back, we continue with the preparation
With my beautiful bridesmaids,
Vina, Vanessa, Putri and Maya
The Groom's suite,

Tony's mom and grandpa help him with the tux ;)
with cousin John
Tony's pose XD~
...back to the Bride's suite,
The Groom join the Bride for some photoshoot
The Groom being flirty with the bridesmaids
and get
to be continue... ;))


  1. love all the pictures, especially the new banner picture of you, your bridesmaid and your groom together! =]


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