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Monday, September 7, 2009

2009.08.08 The Wedding at Bali Tirtha Uluwatu, Part 2...Greeting & Photos Session

accessories...check! ok, now we are ready to greet the guest ;D

The Official Photos

the Bride leaving the suite, thanks to my fabulous army that help me walk in the gigantic gown, it was a new experienced for me to walk in both high heel and wedding dress with (a very) long train ;))
My dearests helping me set my gown, ready for the photoshot
this is one of my favorite picture out of the bunch, we looks so natural and spontaneous here
With Tony's nieces, Christy, Rachel & their friend
the bridesmaids helping me putting gel cushion on my shoes, it was start hurting ;p
daisuki no Rie-chan ;D
we were room mate in Taiwan 7 years ago while studying Chinese,
never meet each other again, and then she came to my wedding,
I'm so happy!! arigato goaimasuuuuuuu ~~
then the photographer took us closer to the chapel for photo session,
here Tony try to propose me one more time...haha
...and off course I'm happily said "YES!!" ;D
In front of the Chapel, somehow the photographers keep telling us to kiss ~~ haha
then we going back to our suite again, get ready for the ceremony

picture from friends
we got so much picture from them, thank you thank you thank you ;))
My beautiful Bridesmaids

Rie-chan's shoes was really cute!! later on, i got the same one too ;D


  1. Congrats!!! Nice shoes at the last picture! You got the same shoes? Where did you get them? :D

  2. thank you, we got the shoes from taiwan ;))


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