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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009.08.08 The Wedding at Bali Tirtha Uluwatu, Part 3...Here Comes The Bride

Inside the Chapel
Relatives & Friends entering the Chapel,
The Groom getting ready to walk toward the chapel,
Smile...waiting for the bride to come ;))
The musician were playing my all time favorite,
Bach's Air Suite no. 3 in D's magical
When my dad walk me to the chapel,
i feel this strong emotional wave keep hitting me...the tears were ready to drop anytime.
slowly i whispered to him, "I love you dad...",
he replied. "I love you too..." and i really choked, trying so hard to keep my tears from falling,
i was so tense...
and it show up on the picture, i look cranky on the picture...haha...
all my friend were asking, "why you look so sad /mad??" XD~

dad was all smiling ;))
daddy looks sharp with his Dior tux, i love you dad ;))
trying so hard not to cry before the ceremony start...
my dear Putri look amazingly beautiful here
two Balinese flower girl with their traditional clothes spreading the flower to create the virgin road in front of us
My beautiful bridesmaids walk into the chapel...
as we walk closer to the chapel, i got even more emotional,
almost could not hold my tears anymore...
Dad looks so intense here...he haves to give the daughter away soon...
and we finally arrive ;)
The Giving Away,
Dad said, " Tony, please take care of my daughter..."
after that i just can't heard anything anymore, my first tears finally dropped
A typical Asian wedding, where (almost) everyone got their on camera ;D
Tony's face looks funny here...maybe dad said something that scared him?? like..." if you make her unhappy, i'll shaved off your ehad Tony!!" course it's only my wild imagination!! dad is a berry berry nice person ;))
Tony looks happy now, I'm all his...hihihi

1 comment:

  1. Here's the entry that we're all waiting for! "Here comes the bride"! It must be a very unforgettable and emotional moment!
    I love Bach's Air Suite no. 3 in D Major too! The music IS magical, so beautiful & moving to listen to.
    All the pictures look perfect, beautiful people & beautiful church! Congratulations again!


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